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The WellHouse: Hope, Love, and Courage

The WellHouse Artisan
Your purchase of jewelry created by The WellHouse artisans represents life, hope, and courage to victims of sex trafficking.

Since partnering with WorldCrafts “our business has taken off and all our residents find true pride in their work and raising awareness for all who are in the same trafficking web they were in.”

If you’ve wondered whether your purchases with WorldCrafts really make a difference, we hope that these words from The WellHouse, a WorldCrafts Support Freedom artisan group, will assure you that your shopping choices have the power to change lives.

The WellHouse considers each order placed through WorldCrafts as a step towards more awareness around the world for the plight of human trafficking.


For Mother’s Day this year consider honoring the special women in your life with handcrafted gifts from The WellHouse.

Lauren Necklace
Honor a special woman in your life with the Lauren Necklace or Lauren Bracelet.

The WellHouse’s Lauren Necklace is a beautiful 64 inch piece created from amazonite beads. The Lauren Bracelet is a lovely companion piece. In addition to its amazonite beads, the Lauren Bracelet also features an agate stone cross. Both pieces also have a charm stamped with The WellHouse logo.

Each week, a group of about a dozen women come together to create this unique jewelry.  As the women work together, they share their stories of hope, love, and courage. This opportunity for camaraderie and collaboration and creativity enhance the healing programs developed by The WellHouse.

Your purchase not only honors the special women in your life – it honors the special women of The WellHouse, too!


When you shop WorldCrafts, you join us in supporting this ministry whose purpose is to deliver women out of the snare of sex trafficking, with the ultimate goal of honoring God through the transformation and restoration of women. The WellHouse tells us that they consider each order placed through WorldCrafts as a step towards more awareness around the world for the plight of human trafficking. They especially love to hear stories of how wearers of their jewelry have been able to share the truth of trafficking with someone who may not otherwise understand.

When you give a fair-trade gift from WorldCrafts this Mother’s Day, be sure to share a picture of that special woman with her gift and share it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with #WorldCrafts.


We want to thank you for your support of WorldCrafts. So, we’ve created a free printable Mother’s Day Card. Please feel free to download the card and share it with any of the special women in your life.


Enjoy your free gift. Honor special women. Tell your story.

Never forget that your purchase has power – power to transform and heal and honor. We thank you for shopping with WorldCrafts.