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Support Freedom Campaign

Support Freedom Campaign


The WorldCrafts Support Freedom campaign actively empowers our customers, buyers, and artisans by supporting those groups working to free women involved in or at risk of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

WorldCrafts makes a difference . . . for victims of modern-day slavery. Each year, by force, fraud, or coercion, millions of people find themselves trapped in bonded labor and sexual exploitation. WorldCrafts artisan groups work to end these evils by providing sustainable income to people in poverty. When earning a living wage, parents are less likely to be seduced by a sex trafficker’s poison promises regarding their daughter’s future. And young women hoping for a better life are less likely to fall prey to criminals seeking to use and abuse the most vulnerable.

Through your support and involvement in the Support Freedom campaign, you can join us in the fight to end human trafficking and stop sexual exploitation.

Ways to Support

  • Learn more about these issues through stories about artisan groups tackling the problems—spiritual, emotional, and physical—at a grassroots level.  You can also download the Support Freedom Call to Action for a short summary of each artisan group involved in the campaign.
  • Purchase items from our Support Freedom groups and know that you are financially supporting those on the front lines of this moral crisis.
  • Pray for these artisan groups specifically through the Support Freedom Prayer Guide
  • Mobilize others by hosting a Support Freedom Party and telling your church, your friends, and your family about WorldCrafts.
  • Give to the Jackson/Reese Endowment for WorldCrafts that will help WorldCrafts bring on new artisan groups and the Hayes Endowment that helps WorldCrafts in the fight against human trafficking.

Support Freedom Artisans

These are the current WorldCrafts artisan groups on the front lines of the battle against sexual exploitation and human trafficking:

  • Blessed Hope (Nepal) helps eliminate susceptibility to trafficking by training and providing women jobs in jewelry making.
  • ConneXions (India) works with women at risk of sexual exploitation in Kolkata (Calcutta).
  • Eden Ministries (Asia) serves to restore freedom for the captives of Asia’s red-light districts through holistic programs—transforming body, mind, and spirit.
  • Kanzi (East Africa) helps artisans develop a market for their goods, and in turn donates a portion of sales to support orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda. These children are otherwise at risk of being forced into sexual exploitation or child labor.
  • Kingdom Creations (Cambodia) works with families in poverty whose daughters are at risk of child prostitution.
  • Light of Hope (Bangladesh) is a learning center for women to acquire important job skills like sewing and embroidering handicrafts. The income from this work allows them freedom, independence, and hope for a better life and future.
  • Love Calcutta Arts (India) helps young women and their mothers break the vicious cycle of the sex industry.
  • More Than Sparrows (Rwanda) provides holistic change for women who are trafficking victims.
  • Mother Care Handcrafts (Kenya) offers former sex trafficking victims a way to provide sustainable living income for their families and the opportunity to hear the offer of eternal life.
  • Mully Children's Family (Kenya) empowers exploited women to become self-sufficient and leads them to understand their own worth and dignity.
  • Proverbs 31 Women (Uganda) provides income for women in poverty, thus lessening the risk their young daughters will be sold into exploitative child marriages.
  • Rahab’s Rope (India) offers a full range of ministry services to women leaving the sex industry.
  • Refugee Beads (USA) provides needed income and a safe community for refugees now living in the Atlanta area.
  • Sak Saum (Cambodia) equips rescue victims with skills, employment, and the ability to earn fair wages in a safe, loving environment.
  • Samaritan Creations (Thailand) reaches out to women working in Thailand’s sex industry and offers them employment, housing, educational sponsorship, and counseling with a Christian context.
  • Starfish Project (Asia) offers hope to exploited women through jewelry making. They offer meaningful alternative employment, vocational training, and educational grants, and a wide array of social programs to women in exploitive situations.
  • Thai Country Trim (Thailand) provides sustainable employment that keeps women and their children out of prostitution.
  • The Well (Thailand) offers a living wage and helping hand for those leaving Thailand’s notorious sex trade.
  • White Rainbow Project (India) is committed to not only bringing physical hope and care to the widows of Vrindavan (known as the City of Widows), but also emotional and spiritual support by demonstrating love in many tangible ways. They are driven by the call to seek justice, care for widows and orphans, and defend the oppressed.