Thank you for supporting WorldCrafts artisans around the world!


This woman is employed by WorldCrafts artisan China Ethnic Crafts and the money she earns allows her to support her two children.
This woman is employed by WorldCrafts artisan China Ethnic Crafts and the money she earns allows her to support her two children.

Here are some frequently asked questions with answers! If you have additional questions, please email us at

    1. What is WorldCrafts and when did it start?

    WorldCrafts began in 1996 with only one artisan group—Thai Country Trim, which has been established by local contacts in Thailand years earlier. Today, WorldCrafts works with numerous artisan groups to import and sell hundreds of fine, handcrafted items from many countries around the globe. WorldCrafts is a division of WMU

    2. What’s the mission and vision of WorldCrafts?

    WorldCrafts and its local partners develop fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world. Our vision is to offer an income with dignity and the hope of everlasting life to every person on earth.

    3. What is a WorldCrafts party and who hosts it?

    A WorldCrafts party is a fun way to feature WorldCrafts in your group or neighborhood. A volunteer hostess organizes the WorldCrafts event using the free information, including a list of possible party themes in our parties section.

    4. Can I host a WorldCrafts party?

    Absolutely! Anyone can host a WorldCrafts party. All it takes is your initiative, planning and a little help from your friends.

    5. How can I support WorldCrafts without having a party?

    Every purchase you make benefits our artisans. Tell others about our work. You may also choose to give a tax-deductible contribution to the Jackson/Reese Endowment for WorldCrafts held at the WMU Foundation.

    6. What if I don’t like my order or it’s damaged?

    WorldCrafts guarantees your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return your product with a copy of your original packaging slip marked RETURN, and you will receive a full refund. Shipping and handling charges are not refunded.

    7. How do you become an artisan group? 

    If you are interested in starting a WorldCrafts group, send us an email at and we will email product submission guidelines.

    8. How are the artisans paid?

    WorldCrafts always pays the artisans in full. WorldCrafts artisans receive a fair wage for every piece whether it sells or not. We also pay all shipping and customs charges. Our utmost concern is holistic lifestyle improvement for the artisans.

    9. Are the artisans paid fairly?

    We partner with artisan leaders around the globe who abide by Fair Trade Federation guidelines . Fair trade buyers, such as WorldCrafts, ensure that the products they purchase are produced ethically, that artisans receive fair wages, and that their work is environmentally sustainable—all while respecting the artisans’ cultural identity.