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Support WorldCrafts Artisans Around the World

Your gift supports WorldCrafts by providing the funding needed to pay our artisans a sustainable living wage, bring their products to the United States, and create opportunities to market them for sale.

Through your gift, you are partnering with us to support our impoverished global partners, many who are completely dependent on WorldCrafts’ orders for their livelihood.


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How partnering with WorldCrafts changes artisans' lives.

  “Partnering with WorldCrafts and Proverbs 31 Women has transformed many lives in these villages. The women often use their income to start small businesses for their families. It allows them to pay for uniforms and supplies for their children’s school. Some of them even use it to pay for transportation to their AIDS and HIV treatments. Though these women often care for the children of deceased family members as well as their own children, selling jewelry allows them to overcome the financial hardships of a large family. And through their involvement with our bead group, all of these women are able to hear the gospel. Many needs are met for the women of Uganda through Proverbs 31 Women and WorldCrafts.” –Proverbs 31 Women, Uganda 

Our partnership with WorldCrafts "gives us hope that we can do the journey along side with this women from sex trade and keep providing more ladies freedom. It gives us the confidence that we can sustain them and keep the employed because their are orders which are regular so the group can have regular income." -Love Calcutta Arts, India

Halieth is from Burundi. She was a refugee for 26 years. She has been in the U.S. since 2007; she moved with her husband and three daughters and has four daughters still in Africa. Halieth uses the income she earns  to send money back to Africa to purchase food for her grandchildren and also contribute to providing for her family here. She is also working toward obtaining her U.S. citizenship. -Refugee Sewing Society, USA