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Support Freedom Story—Sak Saum—Cambodia

Breaking the Cycle

WorldCrafts and Sak Saum Work Together to Break the Cycle of Exploitation

Children are just as vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking as adults. Often, parents and grandparents have a hand in the exploitation, so multiple generations are at risk. When a family finds itself in heavy debt, they often see the sale of the teenage daughter as a means to an end. Once the daughter has been abused, in the eyes of society, she’s good for nothing else but further abuse. Eventually, she will find herself pregnant. In order to continue working, someone must watch her baby . . . most likely, the very ones who sold her. The child of an unwed mother is a burden, and highly vulnerable to the same kind of abuse as the mother. Sak Saum recognizes that a rescued woman can only really begin to heal if she knows her child is safe. It’s not enough to have new skills and a dignified job with fair wages if her children are not protected. Part of the restoration process must include a safe place for children to be cared for while she works. Sak Saum provides free childcare at their Vocational Training Center campus, just steps away from where the moms work making beautiful Sak Saum products. The children enjoy a fun, nurturing, and safe environment to grow and learn in.

Sak Saum is committed to breaking the cycle of exploitation within families. Everyone deserves to live a life free of fear and abuse. Every purchased Sak Saum product tells a story of freedom.

Support the women of Sak Saum by purchasing their hand-sewn products.