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Artisans from Cambodia

Sak Saum

Rescue is only the first step on the path to restoration for victims of exploitation and trafficking. Even after extensive therapy and time to heal, former victims are extremely vulnerable to being exploited again if they have no ability to earn a viable income and provide for themselves and their families. Without skills and jobs, the likelihood of being in harm’s way again is almost guaranteed.

Sak Saum recognizes this reality and is committed to ensuring that those in their care are equipped with skills and employment and earn fair wages in a safe, loving environment. They also seek to pre-empt exploitation by equipping and hiring the most vulnerable in the local community before they fall prey to traffickers.

Every Sak Saum product is made by someone who now has skills and works with dignity. By purchasing a Sak Saum product, you are ensuring that the work of rescue, restoration, and transformation continues.

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Treasures from the Heart

In Cambodia, AIDS is a growing crisis. Treasures from the Heart trains AIDS survivors to craft handmade items to they can support their families. This fair-trade organization restores self-worth to artisans who have been rejected by their neighbors and sometimes their own families. The work gives them the hope to live with dignity. By providing counseling, Treasures from the Heart invests personal time into every artisan it serves.

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