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Support Freedom Story—The WellHouse—USA

A Path to Wholeness

WorldCrafts and The WellHouse Partner to Bring Wholeness and Joy to Victims of Sex Trafficking

In the foothills of the mountains and surrounded by nature, the beautiful homes of The WellHouse sit clustered in a peaceful clearing. The tranquility of the location belies the turmoil and tragedy experienced by the residents within these homes. The WellHouse extends grace and provides opportunities for restoration for women who are victims of sex trafficking.

These women, most trapped by poverty or homelessness, are lured into trafficking by offers of jobs and the promises of love and safety. Once captured by trafficking rings, they are stripped of their identities, their children are often held captive, and they are filled with drugs and carried like freight from one location to another across the sex trafficking routes of the United States. Forced to remain awake, most have been sexually assaulted day in and day out for weeks and even months on end.

In the midst of this terror, The WellHouse steps in to rescue victims and empower them to overcome their pasts. Through a 24/7 Crisis Line and by word of mouth The WellHouse reaches out to those who’ve fallen prey to sex traffickers, offering grace, mercy, and love in place of their pain, degradation, and shame. The WellHouse teaches suffering women what it means to live joyful and healthy lives.

Once rescued, the women of The WellHouse receive immediate medical help and counseling. Their care is holistic as they pursue reunification with their families and are provided opportunities for job training and an education. Most importantly, they learn about their Father Who is the ultimate Rescuer and Redeemer. They discover that this Father is a Father who loves them intimately and protects them and brings them rest.

In their path to wholeness, the women of The WellHouse often learn they have special gifts and talents for creative pursuits, including making jewelry. This creative outlet is not only work therapy, it also provides a way to earn a sustainable living and to save for the future. WorldCrafts has now partnered with The WellHouse in the creation of this beautiful handcrafted amazonite jewelry. Through our partnership, victims of trafficking are becoming self-sufficient. They are paid a sustainable, living wage for their work, and as they put a portion of this money into savings, The WellHouse matches these funds.

The WellHouse’s goal is for every woman who goes through their counseling and training to leave as an independent, employed woman. They leave knowing they are cared for and loved, and many desire to become mentors themselves, pouring their lives’ lessons into other women.

As you look at the jewelry made by these beautiful survivors, each piece represents one woman’s path to wholeness and fulfillment.

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