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Support Freedom Story—The Lily House—Dominican Republic

Finding Redemption Among the Lilies

The Lily House and WorldCrafts partner to help sex trafficking victims fly free

N quietly rests at a desk observing the joyful bustle surrounding her. She watches other women in the room who chat, talk, and sing while they work together creating beautiful beaded bracelets. As she looks down at her hands, still and lifeless, N. thinks back on her life. Trafficked by her own mother, and despised by her family for speaking out, N. desperately desires compassion and protection. She wonders how she will ever escape from her nightmare.

Here at The Lily House, many Lilies share N’s story of exploitation. But, here at The Lily House, each woman finds hope. Their hands bead, weave, and place buttons on bracelets. They find redemption in each bead they string. For some, their work affords them the opportunity to return to school to complete their educations. For others, their work sends their children to school and purchases supplies, book bags, and uniforms. In fact, just 4 bracelets sold will provide one uniform. Their work means they no longer worry about providing homes and food for their children. Their work means they never have to succumb to abuse or exploitation again.

The Lilies’ work at The Lily House does much more than provide financial freedom, it also provides therapy as early as their first day here. As the Lilies hold their own art in their hands, they are able to finally touch and feel their own potential. They begin to understand they are worthy of more – worthy of working in healthy environments and worthy of sharing relationships founded on love.

While N sits at a desk now, her hands will soon be working and her heart will be filled with hope and joy. She will learn what it means to be treated with dignity, respect, and love. N recently had two birds tattooed on her forearm. She says, “They remind me I fly free. No one will sell me again.” This is the refrain of all the Lilies, “I am free. No one will sell me again.”

When you join us by purchasing products made by the Lilies, you help us ensure these women can truly fly free.