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Artisans from Kenya

Back to Africa

Back to Africa began in 2008 as an offshoot of Heart of the Bride Ministries, Inc. The primary objective of Back to Africa is family preservation and care for families at risk in Kenya. The artisans, most of whom are single mothers or refugees or both, lived in extreme poverty before they began creating Back to Africa jewelry.

Mama Faith, pictured here, has been working with Back to Africa since 2008 as a bead artisan. A mother of 4, her income from Back to Africa enables her to consistently feed and clothe her children, send them to school, give to her local church, and help her family and neighbors who are not as fortunate. She says, “I have seen God in these necklaces. My husband got saved and baptized! I am a very happy woman. He used to drink and now he goes to church, and helps with the beads.”

The Back to Africa project has benefited more than 400 people. They have seen firsthand how a small paper bead or simple ceramic pendant can profoundly impact a community halfway around the world.

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Mother Care Handcrafts

Mother Care Handcrafts helps disadvantaged artisans earn a fair wage by using their skills in the centuries-old traditions of carving, jewelry making, and basket weaving. Many women have been rescued from prostitution thanks to the jobs Mother Care offers. Mother Care shares that orders of its WorldCrafts products have lifted the living standards of the artisans. They are now able to provide shelter, educate their children, and have access to medical care. Most importantly, many of these artisans now have eternal hope.

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Mully Children’s Family

Mully Children’s Family developed the Yatta Vocational Training Centre to help alleviate poverty by providing young women an education, job skills training, and mentoring in parenting. This two-year training program rescues an average of 100 exploited young women every year. The training center liberates girls who live on the streets, are victims of abuse, or are orphans. A group of young women at the training center hand-painted necklaces and quilted purses in order to earn a fair wage. All of these young women are being discipled to develop lives shaped by the assurance of eternal hope.

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Sasa Designs

Sasa Designs works with women and men who face exceptional physical challenges in in obtaining safe, sustainable work. This artisan group is committed to provide long-term employment and empowerment to those who face the most extreme hardships in supporting themselves and their families. Through their partnership with WorldCrafts, the artisans are able to provide nutritious food, shelter, and education for their families. Each piece of jewelry is a reminder of an artisan who once faced utter solitude but has now found a voice as they create jewelry that is shared around the world.

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Sema Leatherworks

The men who create the leather products of Sema Leatherworks say that their partnership with WorldCrafts enables them to help their communities and the surrounding areas. These artisans are fully focused on serving in the kingdom. Through their fair-trade partnership with WorldCrafts, these artisans have lives filled with peace and hope. They are able to educate their children, provide housing for their families, and share food with their communities.

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