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Host a WorldCrafts Virtual Market

You can support WorldCrafts artisans around the world by hosting a virtual WorldCrafts market.

Here are some helpful tips as you plan your virtual market.


  • Take the new online self-guided mini-course WorldCrafts: An Overview to be prepared to share about WorldCrafts. You will learn tangible ways to support fair-trade artisans around the world and be equipped to teach others about WorldCrafts.
  • Select a date, time, and social platform for your event.
  • Download our suggested posts and images to use for your virtual market.
  • Consider doing a live video during the virtual market. Order a Display Set to have product to show at your virtual event or order specific products you would like to share at your event. Please plan to only share products currently available for sale on
  • Download the WorldCrafts Talking Points document so you have a few talking points to share via posts or video.
  • Make some of our fun international recipes and send the link to others to enjoy while they participate in the virtual market.
  • Print out a WorldCrafts map and post the link for others to see all the WorldCrafts artisan groups around the world.
  • Be sure to use #worldcraftsvirtualmarket and tag Worldcrafts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

During your event:

  • Begin by sharing the new WorldCrafts video.
  • Share information you learned in the WorldCrafts: An Overview course and information from the WorldCrafts Talking Points document. This can be shared via prerecorded or live video.
  • Post the suggested social media posts and images.
  • Pray for WorldCrafts artisans using the monthly prayer calendar. You can record a video of you praying or make posts about your prayers encouraging others to pray.
  • Share about two of your favorite artisan groups and link to their specific artisan page.
  • Share your favorite products and links to the specific product page.

After your event:

  • Continue to share about WorldCrafts on your social media.
  • Follow up directly with your virtual market participants to see if you can help make shopping suggestions or answer questions.


  • Wear current WorldCrafts jewelry and accessories when making videos to post.
  • Have WorldCrafts home décor products in the background of any videos.
  • Ask friends to share about your virtual WorldCrafts market with their friends.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.