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Support Freedom Story—Eden Ministries—Asia

A Voice to the Oppressed

WorldCrafts and Eden Ministries Provide Hope and Light in the Midst of Darkness

“Eden took me out of the darkness. Here I am learning many new skills and I am valued as a person.” This quote is all too familiar from the girls at Eden Ministries. Eden Ministries has a goal to provide hope and a voice to those who have no voice. In the midst of a dark area in Asia, Eden Ministries is shining bright and bringing opportunity for a better life to those who would otherwise be sold, exploited, and used in the sex industry.

Eden Ministries’ mission statement is “to restore freedom for the captive of Asia’s red-light districts through holistic programs—transforming mind, body, and spirit.” Young women rescued from human trafficking and sexual exploitation are provided a new career, skill training, and counseling—empowering young women for a new life and future.

Each of Eden Ministries’ beautiful pieces are handcrafted by women such as Yen. Yen was full of anticipation when her older cousin promised a well-paying job at a restaurant in the big city. However, when Yen arrived she was immediately drugged, locked in a brothel, and forced into sexual slavery. At first she cried daily, but she soon learned to force down her tears, as her boss threatened to burn her with hot water if she cried again. After yen met Eden Ministries’ street outreach, she was rescued and is now starting a new life at Eden Ministries. “Before coming to Eden Ministries, the world I faced was a bad one. I felt no love and was so overwhelmed that I was always tired. I had no energy and no ability to learn new skills, in order to gain further education. I wanted to learn new things but I had no money or time. Now, at Eden Ministries, although there are still many things I have to face, I feel stronger because I am loved and supported. They have taught me that I have value and am worth being taught new skills.”

Fan’s story also illustrates the heart of Eden Ministries. When Fan fell in love with her boyfriend, she begged her parents to allow her to move with him to his hometown. Upon arriving in his hometown, she was sold into a life of prostitution by his mafia friends. She worked for more than two years and became very ill. Through Eden’s medical program, she was able to get medical attention, restoration, and eventually began working for Eden, launching a new career and a new life!

Eden Ministries and WorldCrafts have partnered together to provide more means for these women escaping the horrors of sex trafficking and exploitation. Each purchase through WorldCrafts of Eden Ministries’ handcrafted goods provides hope, opportunity, and a new life with people who care deeply for these gifted women.

Support the women of Eden Ministries by purchasing their handmade products.