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Support Freedom Story - Samaritan Creations - Thailand

image of Thai women making jewelry
Samaritan Creations seeks to provide Thai women an escape from a life of darkness and to holistically support them, not only to make an income, but also to show them hope and love.

Pen Finds a New Life and a New Hope

Samaritan Creations and WorldCrafts Partner Together to Bring Girls Out of Sexual Slavery

In the hyper-sexualized atmosphere of Bangkok, Thailand, many girls are forced to sell their bodies to survive. The sprawling red-light district offers young girls the opportunity to sell their bodies in exchange for just enough income. The industry leaves the girls broken, hurting, hopeless, and abused. Without loving communities such as Samaritan Creations, these girls would be left with little hope or future.

Samaritan Creations is a group that reaches out to women working in Thailand’s sex industry, offering them employment, housing, educational sponsorship, and counseling within a Christian context. When women come into the doors of Samaritan Creations, they are met with the love of God and the joy of being set free.

Pen was one of those girls. Having no other choice, at age nine, she began working full-time as a dishwasher in the red-light districts of Bangkok. Over time, she took more lucrative positions at bars and go-go joints throughout the area. No matter where she worked, the sexualized nature of the job stayed the same.

One night, Pen was introduced to Thom, a former go-go bar worker now working at Samaritan Creations. Thom shared with her the love of God and the joy of being set free from the sex industry. Hearing about a place filled with love, freedom, joy, and hope intrigued Pen and she soon quit her jobs in the red-light district and joined Samaritan Creations.

After changing her life by the grace of God, Pen spends time reaching out to her former co-workers, sharing with them that there is hope and freedom to be found in God. Pen not only enjoys her new life and new hope that she found through Samaritan Creations, she shares this good news with those that are still held in sexual bondage in Thailand.

Through its partnership with WorldCrafts, Samaritan Creations is able to partner with women trapped in the sex industry, give them hope, and introduce them to a loving God who desires to set them free.

Samaritan Creations’ goal is to rescue, restore, and empower women by the grace and love of God by offering women an alternative income to prostitution. This alternative income rescues them from the trap of selling their bodies and empowers them to alter the course of their lives. Samaritan Creations also provides entrepreneurial training and funding, allowing women to return to their hometowns to plant churches and businesses with the intention of bringing more girls from slavery into freedom.

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