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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Begin Anew Artisan

How You Can Help a Refugee Artisan Group

How would you like to help a group of refugee women who have fled their own countries with their families? How would you feel about directly helping women whose houses have been burned, women who have suffered unimaginable horrors, women who greatly desire to work in order to provide better lives for their families? What […]

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Graffiti 2 Works Artisan

Graffiti 2 Works: Changing Lives in the Bronx

Graffiti 2 Works Changes Lives. In the midst of Mott Haven in the South Bronx, Graffiti 2 Community Ministries serves its neighbors through afterschool care programs for children, mentoring programs for youth, and Graffiti 2 Works, a holistic job skills program for adults. Kerri Johnson, Graffiti 2 Works Director, shares that Graffiti 2 Works’ name […]

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Fair Trade Artisans

5 Reasons You Should Shop Fair Trade

Shopping Fair Trade Matters Shopping fair trade matters. Your purchasing practices hold great power – the power to trap people in inhumane, poverty-enforcing working conditions or the power to provide life-giving incomes earned with dignity.   When you shop with WorldCrafts, you join us in: Breaking the cycle of poverty. Global poverty grows daily. Current […]

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