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Support Human Trafficking Victims through WorldCrafts

Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world today. In recognition of this immense problem, January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and National Human Trafficking Awareness Day is observed January 11. This January, you can join WorldCrafts in supporting human trafficking victims like Pinki. Pinki arrived at Love Calcutta […]

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Rahab’s Rope: Mending Broken Lives

Ananya’s* life was forever changed when WorldCrafts’ artisan group Rahab’s Rope rescued her and provided a safe and loving environment. Rahab’s Rope has a bold mission: to give hope and opportunity to women and girls who are at risk or who have been forced into the sex trade in India. Their vision is to see lives […]

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More Than Sparrows Featured in the 2019-20 Hope Catalog!

More Than Sparrows, a registered co-operative in Kigali, Rwanda, is featured on the cover of the WorldCrafts 2019-20 Hope Catalog! More Than Sparrows creates beautiful products from traditional African fabrics: African Pennant Banner This pennant banner is a perfect decoration to add a little color to your party. Each one is handcrafted from a variety of fabrics, so […]

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How You Can Support Human Trafficking Victims

In the US, the National Day of Human Trafficking Awareness is observed on January 11. Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. Poverty, war, gender inequality, and lack of opportunity breed desperation. Human traffickers manipulate desperate people with the promise of beautiful lives, quality educations and equitable salaries. Each year, millions […]

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Thai Country Trim Artisan

How to Honor Your Mother

WorldCrafts has developed some great gifts handcrafted by moms for moms. Read on to learn how you can honor your mom and moms around the world. Moms Love Their Children The artisans of Thai Country Trim show us that believing moms have so much in common. No matter where we were born or what our […]

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The WellHouse Artisan

The WellHouse: Hope, Love, and Courage

Since partnering with WorldCrafts “our business has taken off and all our residents find true pride in their work and raising awareness for all who are in the same trafficking web they were in.” If you’ve wondered whether your purchases with WorldCrafts really make a difference, we hope that these words from The WellHouse, a WorldCrafts Support […]

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Proverbs 31 Women

Proverbs 31 Women: Jewelry, Joy, and Purpose

Mary, who helped start Proverbs 31 Women artisan group has a message for every person who purchases a product made by these women: “The artisans’ work through WorldCrafts has saved their lives. By supporting WorldCrafts, you are supporting the women and the families – it has made all the difference in the world.” Despite their dire circumstances, […]

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Mully Children's Family with Purses

A Mother’s Transforming Love

The love of a mother has the power to transform lives. This transforming love is clearly on display in the lives of the Mully Children’s Family artisans at the Yatta Vocational Training Centre in Kenya. In this region of Eastern Africa, poverty leaves young women vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation.  Esther Mully understands this first-hand as she herself was […]

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Will You Join Us in Providing Hope?

WorldCrafts is pleased to announce we’ve just released our new Hope catalog. Featuring artisans around the world, the Hope catalog highlights the ways WorldCrafts is providing hope through our fair trade partnerships with global artisans. If you like shopping online, you can browse our e-catalog. Or, if you prefer, you can request a print catalog. This catalog […]

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WorldCrafts Fair-Trade Giveaway

We’re Celebrating! Join Us for Our Fair-Trade Giveaway!

Spring is almost here, and WorldCrafts is celebrating the release of our new Hope Catalog. This catalog highlights many of the ways WorldCrafts works with global artisan groups to provide hope for impoverished men and women, and their families and communities. You can order a free print catalog or browse our e-catalog online. Head over to […]

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