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Support Freedom Story - ChildVoice International - Uganda

Artisans at ChildVoice International in Uganda are rebuilding their lives after being sex-trafficking victims by making paper bead products.
Artisans at ChildVoice International in Uganda are rebuilding their lives after being sex-trafficking victims by making paper bead products.
Finding Peace Amidst War WorldCrafts and ChildVoice International Provide a Place of Refuge and Hope for those in War Torn Countries

At any given time, more than 50 wars are taking place worldwide. Tragically, the impact of these wars on children is escalating into a global problem of unknown dimensions. The changing dynamics of modern day armed conflict has a number of horrific consequences—killing or maiming of children, recruitment of use of children as soldiers; attacks against schools or hospitals; denial of humanitarian access for children; abduction of children; and the rape and other grave sexual abuse of children.

With ChildVoice International’s emphasis on sanctuary, psychosocial and spiritual counseling, education, skill building, reintegration support, and access to basic health care, girls have the opportunity to develop assets to protect themselves against the vulnerabilities that for so long defined them, as well as achieve the restoration and wholeness that has long eluded them. Furthermore, ChildVoice International’s programs are designed to help prepare them and their families and communities for their transition home.

Of the more than 40 women that are employed by ChildVoice International, 2 help exemplify what they are about. Betty, an experienced mother of eight, came to ChildVoice International with no means of providing for her children. Through her employment with ChildVoice International working on the bead project, an income-generating project selling recycled paper beads, she is able to provide education, clothing, and books for her beloved children. Through their partnership with WorldCrafts, ChildVoice International is able to provide employment for Betty, enabling her to provide education and safety for her children, setting them free from an alternative life of slavery, injustice, and abuse.

Clementine has a similar story. A loving mother of six children, as well as five orphans, Clementina’s compassion extends out of her personal pain from the war. Some of her relatives were killed during the war, forcing her to leave her home village. ChildVoice International welcomed her in and provided stable income and employment, allowing her to care for her own children and the orphans she has welcomed into her home. ChildVoice International’s partnership with WorldCrafts allows women such as Clementina and Betty to provide necessities and a better future for their children.

In 2007, ChildVoice International was able to hope it’s first model therapeutic community, the Lukome Center, for war-affected girls and their children in northern Uganda. This facility offers basic education, life-skill and vocational training, trauma counseling, and microenterprise and microfinance training so the girls can return to their communities upon graduation from this 18-month residential program, coupled with an 18-month reintegration effort in their home village. Ninety-three percent of the girls ChildVoice International has served in the last six years are back in their communities, raising their families and working in meaningful jobs, not dependent on aid or outside help. This is the goal and hope of ChildVoice International and WorldCrafts, that those who are in bondage, slavery or are oppressed could be set free.

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