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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Light of Hope

Clean Water for Light of Hope

When two ministries of WMU come together, entire communities can experience holistic healing. WorldCrafts, the fair trade division of WMU, and Pure Water, Pure Love, the clean water ministry of WMU recently joined forces to forever change the lives of 10 families in Bangladesh. Can you image what it would it be like to live without the […]

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WorldCrafts Partners with Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries

What do fair-trade artisans in Africa and at-risk children in Arkansas have in common? Thanks to WorldCrafts’ latest partnership initiative, both groups can benefit directly from the sale of handcrafted items ranging from jewelry and accessories to home décor and Christmas-themed craft items. WorldCrafts, established in 1996, is the fair-trade division of WMU. It recently […]

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BCFM Benefits

Help Us Minister to Vulnerable Children and Families

The Baptist Coalition for Children and Families (BCCF) is a network of Baptist organizations united in serving vulnerable children and families around the world. In 2017, BCCF positively impacted more than 662,830 families. BCCF’s Mission In its 2017 Annual Report, BCCF states, “The care for the defenseless has been part of Baptist life since the Nation’s […]

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Lifeline Children's Services

Team Up With Us to Help Lifeline Children’s Services

WorldCrafts is so happy to announce our new partnership with Lifeline Children’s Services. Through this partnership WorldCrafts joins with Lifeline to support orphaned and vulnerable children throughout the world. Families who partner with our Father in rescuing the fatherless are transformed as they experience the reality of limitless love. Who Is Lifeline? Lifeline assists families […]

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Ayu Sewing Project

Ayu Sewing Project: Sharing Joy in Indonesia

$100.00 per month. Can you conceive of supporting your family on this salary? How would you feed and clothe your children? How would you provide medical and dental care? How would you educate them? In Indonesia $100.00 per month is the typical salary for a husband and father. Adding to this dilemma, if a wife has children she is looked down on for working […]

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