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Ergon Handicrafts

Many girls and even women in India are viewed as burdens to their families. But through Ergon Handicrafts, women are given the opportunity to be seen as contributors to their families rather than burdens. Ergon is a handicrafts center based in Jaipur, India, that seeks to empower women with job skills, income, and confidence through fair-trade employment. Most of the women who work for Ergon are uneducated and extremely poor. Previously they had never been taught a special skill outside of housework. As they learn to make journals and cards, their confidence grows and many realize for the first time that they are valuable. This realization often softens their hearts so they are more receptive to learn of eternal matters.

With the income Nunni earns at Ergon, she is able to provide for her family with more nutritious meals. Salma is able to ensure that her daughter will receive an educations. Zareena is able to help pay rent for her husband’s rickshaw so he can continue earning money for their family. When Asma comes to the Ergon center each day, she is given a break from her role as the sole housekeeper for 6 other members of her home. Tabasum uses her earnings to help her family pay down a large debt they have accumulated. Mary is able to bless and care for other women in the slum. By investing in the lives of these women, Ergon Handicrafts is creating holistic change in northern India.