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Monthly Archives: October 2021

The Sari Tree Ornament: Handmade by Refugee Artisans

THIS PREORDER OPPORTUNITY HAS ENDED. WorldCrafts artisan group Refugee Sewing Society in Clarkston, Georgia, teaches viable skills to vulnerable refugee women. The women receive payment for the products they sell, helping them to earn a supplemental income. They have access to available resources, including English as a second language and citizenship classes, which will allow […]

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The Silent Night Ornament: Handmade in Kyrgyzstan

THIS PREORDER OPPORTUNITY HAS ENDED. WorldCrafts artisans at Master’s Handicrafts in Kyrgyzstan use the cultural and artistic traditions of Central Asia that have been preserved through many generations of women to create masterful crafts. The Impact of Master’s Handicrafts The Silent Night Ornaments are handmade by two women artisans whose husbands work outside of the […]

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The Channapatna Angel Ornament: Handmade in India

THIS PREORDER OPPORTUNITY HAS ENDED. WorldCrafts artisans at Channapatna Handicrafts in India use a special skill called lac-turney, a 200-year-old craft traced to the reign of a royal ruler who invited artisans from Persia to train the local artisans in making wooden figures. The process of shaping and coloring the wood is carried out on […]

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WorldCrafts Special Preorder Opportunity—October 18–November 8, 2021

THIS PREORDER OPPORTUNITY HAS ENDED. You have a special opportunity to preorder four new WorldCrafts products that support artisans and their families in the India, Kyrgyzstan, and the United States who are rebuilding their lives after the pandemic. These unique items are exclusively available for preorder through midnight CST on Monday, November 8, 2021. Preorders […]

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ConneXions Artisans

Celebrate Fair Trade Month!

October is Fair Trade Month. Here are some ways you can celebrate with us! Pray The Word tells us the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective. Prayer is the first and best work in celebrating Fair Trade Month. Download our monthly interactive prayer calendars and pray daily for WorldCrafts artisan groups. You can […]

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Host a WorldCrafts Virtual Market!

You can support WorldCrafts artisans around the world by hosting a WorldCrafts Virtual Market. Why a WorldCrafts Virtual Market? From hand-quilted throws created by artisans in India to paper-bead jewelry crafted by HIV-positive widows in Uganda to lanyards sewn by seamstresses in the Bronx, WorldCrafts offers high-quality products that represent hope to people in multiple countries and cultures. When you […]

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