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Monthly Archives: May 2020

Hill Top Crafts: Purposeful Purses

Years ago, a representative with our new artisan group Hill Top Crafts visited Thailand. While there, she met a group of ladies making traditional Hmong crafts. Their group was named Hill Top. “I visited the location in Thailand where these women worked,” she says. “I thought they were going to be creating typical Hmong crafts, […]

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Introducing Bidri Ware: An Ancient Handicraft

In a small southern India town, Bidar, the community still practices an ancient handicraft dating back to the 14th century: bidriware. “Bidriware is made from a mix of zinc and copper inlaid with thin sheets of silver,” a representative with Bidri Ware, a new WorldCrafts artisan group, says. For many in India, a better future […]

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WorldCrafts Artisans Receive Grants for Clean Water

In the midst of the global pandemic, WMU’s Compassion Ministry Pure Water, Pure Love granted four WorldCrafts artisan groups with more than $40,000 to provide clean water for the artisans, their families, and their communities. Bidri Ware, WorldCrafts’ newest artisan group, employs skilled artisans in a southern Indian town who are providing for their families […]

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Encourage WorldCrafts Artisans in the United States

WorldCrafts partners with  artisan groups throughout the United States. The artisans are unable to gather together due to the current pandemic. They need our prayers and encouragement during this time. Artisans always appreciate receiving cards or letters of encouragement. If you would like to send them an encouraging word, you can send it to the […]

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