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Proverbs 31 Women: Supporting Women in Uganda

WorldCrafts artisan partner Proverbs 31 Women in Uganda employs women and provides them with badly needed income to meet their families’ most basic needs, such as food and rent.

Proverbs 31 Women’s Ministry

Members of this ministry make jewelry pieces and are provided a fair wage to support themselves along with their families. Due to the pandemic, the artisans’ children’s schools were closed. One artisan shared the price for her three children to return to school is equal to $550. Through her employment by Proverbs 31 Women along with other jobs, she is able to maintain a living wage.

Mujjuli Sarah works while caring for two orphans along with her ten children. She shares how making and selling the beaded jewelry helps her provide for the children.

WorldCrafts orders provide hope along with fair-trade wages for the women artisans who are a part of this ministry in Uganda. More importantly, these women are working while learning about the eternal hope they find in relationship with our Father!

Proverbs 31 Women’s Products

Handcrafted by the women in this ministry, these products are beautifully beaded jewelry made of recycled paper. The women’s hearts join together in song and their faces light up as they make each detailed piece.

Circle of Faith Bracelet

This customer favorite has been restocked! Brighten up any outfit with the Circle of Faith Bracelet made from glass beads and handmade paper beads.

The Jubilee Jewelry Collection

Each piece in the Jubilee Jewelry Collection is handmade out of multisized and multicolored paper beads with glass bead accents by artisans at Proverbs 31 Women in Uganda.

Hellen Necklace

Hellen Necklace

The Hellen Necklace is made of multisized black paper beads handcrafted by artisans employed by Proverbs 31 Women. This necklace is named after the Ugandan woman who manages the artisan group.


Thank you for your support of these WorldCrafts artisans.