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The Grace Cross: A Beacon of Grace

In New Orleans, Baptist Friendship House works to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the homeless, human trafficking survivors, and those living in poverty. Through their partnership with the National Human Trafficking Hotline, they are able to help more than 20,000 trafficking survivors find a safe shelter and transportation to the shelter each […]

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Hill Top Crafts: Purposeful Purses

Years ago, a representative with our new artisan group Hill Top Crafts visited Thailand. While there, she met a group of ladies making traditional Hmong crafts. Their group was named Hill Top. “I visited the location in Thailand where these women worked,” she says. “I thought they were going to be creating typical Hmong crafts, […]

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Introducing Bidri Ware: An Ancient Handicraft

In a small southern India town, Bidar, the community still practices an ancient handicraft dating back to the 14th century: bidriware. “Bidriware is made from a mix of zinc and copper inlaid with thin sheets of silver,” a representative with Bidri Ware, a new WorldCrafts artisan group, says. For many in India, a better future […]

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Pray for WorldCrafts Artisans

We have all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. WorldCrafts artisan leaders from Kyrgyzstan to Louisiana have shared how artisans have been impacted. Your prayers make a difference. In the midst of this crisis, please join us in prayer for our brothers and sisters around the world. Here are three specific prayers to pray for […]

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Proverbs 31 Women

Ugandan Artisans Receive Grant for Clean Water

Women and children in Kyendula, Uganda, walk between 1 and 4 miles to gather dirty water from swamps. There has not been a working well in Kyendula, causing major problems for the community. “Safe water is used for drinking, bathing, cooking, and cleaning,” the director of WorldCrafts artisan group Proverbs 31 Women Ministries says. “Knowing […]

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Rahab’s Rope: Mending Broken Lives

Ananya’s* life was forever changed when WorldCrafts’ artisan group Rahab’s Rope rescued her and provided a safe and loving environment. Rahab’s Rope has a bold mission: to give hope and opportunity to women and girls who are at risk or who have been forced into the sex trade in India. Their vision is to see lives […]

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Support Human Trafficking Victims

In the US, the National Day of Human Trafficking Awareness is observed on January 11. Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. Poverty, war, gender inequality, and lack of opportunity breed desperation. Human traffickers manipulate desperate people with the promise of beautiful lives, quality educations, and equitable salaries. Each year, millions […]

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Merry Christmas Header

Merry Christmas from the WorldCrafts Family!

Christmas. What does that word mean to you? Lights and decorations? Extra time spent with family and friends? Special music and church events? Quiet moments contemplating the birth of eternal hope into our world? Whatever the word Christmas brings to your mind, one thing is sure – Christmas is a time of transformation. Every purchase […]

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Handmade Sari Products from India!

In cities such as Kolkata (Calcutta), India, many women live in the slums.  Finding a job is difficult, if not impossible, with their background and limited education. WorldCrafts partners with 3 artisan groups in Kolkata, India, who transform soft, cotton, recycled saris into beautiful notebooks, blankets, and scarves. The pieces feature the traditional running pick-stitched […]

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New Necklace from The WellHouse!

WorldCrafts artisan partner The WellHouse just outside Birmingham, Alabama, seeks to honor our Father by providing rescue and opportunities for restoration to women who have survived human trafficking and specifically sexual exploitation. The WellHouse never charges residents for living quarters, therapy, case management, and other services. The Impact of The WellHouse WorldCrafts partnership with The […]

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