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WMU Compassion Ministries Are Making an Impact in Uganda

Imagine waking up each day, walking nearly 3 miles to gather water from a dirty pool of water off of a water dam, and then having to walk 3 miles back home with water for your family that isn’t even clean. For the women and children in the village of Kaleire, Uganda, this was the reality for nearly 20 years. For many of the women employed by Proverbs 31 Women, a WorldCrafts artisan group, this reality caused great difficulties for their families and the families of those in their community.

Through the many faithful supporters of WMU Compassion Ministry Pure Water, Pure Love (PWPL), this community now has access to clean water, thanks to a grant for a borehole provided to them in 2021. The borehole was drilled at a primary school that serves 350 children and their families. This clean water source now provides these children with clean water as they are at school. The water provided through the borehole is used to water the garden at the school, which provides food for the children and their families. In addition, it serves the hundreds of families in the community surrounding the school.

The artisans from Proverbs 31 Women have expressed their gratitude for the provision of the borehole so their families and those in their community will have clean water. More importantly, this will provide great opportunities for local believers to share about the love of the Father, the Living Water.

Through the access WorldCrafts artisan groups have to apply for PWPL grants, Proverbs 31 Women and their parent ministry, African Children’s Mission, have received 3 PWPL grants to provide clean water resources to the communities where the artisans live. They are currently in the midst of another water project that will bring clean water to the community of Kamunia. It is amazing to see the impact made through WMU Compassion Ministries PWPL and WorldCrafts in this one area of Uganda.

Would You Like to Help?

Would you like to join forces with WorldCrafts and Pure Water, Pure Love to bring lasting change?

WorldCrafts offers many opportunities for partnership. By praying for our artisans, purchasing their products, and sharing the vision of WorldCrafts, you can help us bring financial and spiritual hope to families and communities in the United States and around the world.

Likewise, you can support Pure Water, Pure Love in many different ways. Visit to discover Pure Water, Pure Love’s impact. Here you will also learn how you can pray for PWPL, promote and plan events to raise awareness, and mobilize your community to provide clean water for global communities.

In 2022, no one should have to live without hope of clean water. The Word tells us we are all responsible for caring for those who hunger and those who thirst. What will you do to fulfill your part in our Great Commission?