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Support Freedom Story—Blessed Hope—Nepal

Hope for a Better Future

WorldCrafts and Blessed Hope Provide a Safe Haven for Women to Avoid Trafficking and Pursue Their Dreams

In an area where trafficking is increasingly prevalent, Blessed Hope is a beacon of light for women who seek an alternative lifestyle. Many of these Himalayan women have little education, low literacy rates, and poor economic status. In desperate living conditions, they can easily end up in Nepal’s labor and sex trafficking industry.

Blessed Hope  helps women avoid trafficking by providing the means for earning a wholesome income. After operating for only two years, it employs 20 Himalayan women, young and old. Because some women have children and other tasks at home, Blessed Hope allows them to work from home most of the week. Every Tuesday they meet together to evaluate their work and have a time of prayer and devotion.

Blessed Hope helps women succeed in all walks of life. Neema, a junior college student, uses her income to help pay for books and housing expenses. As she finishes her last year of junior college, Neema hopes to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Sonam, age 24, is one of the owners and manages Blessed Hope. Her husband recently left Nepal to search for better employment opportunities abroad. Sonam’s income helped her family purchase a two-room apartment, where she now lives with her uncle and young child. Your purchase of even one piece of jewelry is a major blessing in a woman’s life.

Purchasing 1 necklace provides:

  • 2 weeks of a child’s school fees;
  • 2 weeks of gas for heating and cooking; or
  • 1 week of quality food for an entire family.

Purchasing 1 bracelet provides:

  • 2-3 days of quality food for an entire family or
  • 1 month of school supplies

Because of Blessed Hope, women like Neema and Sonam can creatively work, provide for their families, and grown in their spiritual knowledge.

To support the women of Blessed Hope, you can purchase their exquisite handmade jewelry.