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CWJC of Monroe, LA

High unemployment rates. Widespread poverty. These are the realities of life for many women in Monroe, Louisiana. To support these women, CWJC of Monroe, LA, provides encouragement, love, spiritual training and other tools for a better life. As a WorldCrafts artisan group, the women are learning to create beautiful crafts along with the promise of providing economically for their families in a safe and loving environment. Through its partnership with WorldCrafts, the women see the promises of their Father come to life – they now have a future and a hope as they are able to provide for the basic needs of their families. One artisan says that this work has given her a sense of self-worth and the knowledge that “with God’s help I can do things I never dreamed I could do.”

The artisans are so grateful for your support. "I pray for the person who will purchase the item I am making. I ask God to bless them and their family, and I thank Him for allowing them to be a blessing to me and my family."

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