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Meet the Mully Artisans

Watch this video to learn more about our partnership with Mully Children’s Family

Artisans working at Mully Children’s Family’s Yatta Vocational Training Centre experience rescue and restoration through counseling, medical care, spiritual direction, and job skills training. Young women are given new hope and new lives as they learn to be loved and to love themselves.

Beatrice Katheu

Beatrice came to know MCF through one of her teachers in Primary School. Knowing that Beatrice needed help, this teacher arranged for Beatrice to meet with a social worker. Because she was rescued by MCF, Beatrice now helps others and plans to begin her own business.


Felister Mwikali

After Felister was exploited by an older man, her neighbor arranged for her to become a part of the ministry of Mully Children’s Family. Mully Children’s Family has restored Felister’s hope, and she now has high expectations for the future.


Rose Nzisa

Rose and her five siblings are orphans who were scattered among relatives. Rose lived with her grandmother, but eventually traveled to Nairobi searching for work. Life there was difficult and expensive. Eventually Rose was rescued by Mully Children’s Family. She looks forward to being reunited with her son and being able to support her siblings.