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Mully Children’s Family

Mully Children's Family, the world's largest family.
Mully Children's Family, the world's largest family.

Charles Mully loves orphans. He understands their lives and their needs. He knows because he was once abandoned and orphaned himself. After being abandoned by his family, Charles went from family member to family member seeking help and eventually moved to Nairobi in search of a brighter future. Charles had a meteoric rise to success, building business after business until he had developed a multi-million dollar fortune. At the pinnacle of his career, God called Charles to give up everything and return to the streets – this time rescuing orphans and giving them a hope for the future.

Mully Children’s Family was born out of Charles Mully’s life-changing decision to follow God’s calling to bring hope to the hopeless. Together with his family, Charles has rescued over 12,000 children.

To learn more about Mully Children’s family

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