Thank you for your support of WorldCrafts artisans around the world.

Teach students about WorldCrafts

Teaching students about fair trade is vital as they learn how to become advocates for the poor and to share the promise of eternal hope. The resources below are designed to teach students in grades 7-12 about WorldCrafts’ vision and mission.


Student leaders can utilize our 30-minute lesson plan to teach age-appropriate information about WorldCrafts to students.

Show WorldCrafts videos to students to show the artisans at work hand-making the products.

Students will enjoy finding the locations of our artisans on a world map.

Introduce different cultures by making some of our WorldCrafts recipes.

Students enjoy seeing the faces of the artisans and learning their stories. Use the WorldCrafts 8.5-by-11 poster and artisan story posters to showcase the many faces and stories of WorldCrafts. You can also use the country display cards to show the origin of each product you have on display.

Distribute catalogs or our promotional flyer to give people a way to connect with WorldCrafts in the future.

Create an interactive four session experience with our digital download, Engage: Fair Trade.

WorldCrafts products and catalogs for your lesson

Displaying WorldCrafts products while you teach helps participants understand the craftsmanship of the artisans who hand make each product.

Here are two ways to order products for your display:

1) Order our latest WorldCrafts Display Set for your display. This set allows you to have a product from each of the WorldCrafts product categories. Please note that the display set is not returnable.

2) Order current products to display. We strongly advise you to only display current products that are available online. You can return the products within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Return items to 100 Missy Ridge, Hwy 280 East, Birmingham, AL 35242. You are responsible for return shipping. Please note that Display Sets and items purchased on clearance (50% discount) are not returnable.

WorldCrafts catalogs are great resources for explaining the work of WorldCrafts to new audiences. Be sure to order free catalogs online. Customers can order a maximum of 25 catalogs per order, if you need more you can call Customer Relations at 1-800-968-7301. Customers must input credit card information to order online, but catalogs and shipping are free so your card will not be charged. Please note that our catalogs do not include an order form. You can download a blank order form if needed.


  • Wear current WorldCrafts jewelry and accessories when teaching so you can tell the stories of the artisans who made the pieces you are wearing.
  • Use the WorldCrafts pennant banners to decorate your teaching space.
  • Share photos of your teaching space and students (only with parents’ approval) on social media with #WorldCrafts and tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.