Thank you for supporting WorldCrafts artisans around the world!

Seasonal Party Themes

WorldCrafts has several different party themes based on seasons. Click on each icon below to get the step-by-step instructions for each theme.

Image of Christmas ornaments
Celebrate the Christmas season while focusing on WorldCrafts artisans who make ornaments.
image of harvest time
Show your thankfulness for the harvest season and bless WorldCrafts artisans through this fun party theme.
image of American flags
Celebrate the independence that purchasing WorldCrafts gives to artisans in the United States and featured in our Support Freedom campaign with an Independence Day party!
image of fire works
Gather to ring in the New Year and bless the WorldCrafts artisans!
image of bird on tea pot
Show love to artisans around the world this Valentine’s Day!
image of Christmas present
This party provides a great way to minister to those in your community by purchasing Christmas gifts for them and wrapping them up while blessing artisans around the world!