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Restoration Bracelet

This wrap bracelet measures 24 inches long with a button closure.

This bracelet is made of colorful stone beads that reflect the restoration of the women who make the bracelet. The Lily House rescues and restores the lives of human trafficking victims in the Dominican Republic. This wrap bracelet measures 24 inches long with a button closure.

Artisan The Lily House
Country Dominican Republic
Product Number H184113
Currently out of stock
  • $19.99

    Currently out of stock

About this Artisan

The Lily House

The Lily House in the Dominican Republic offers healing to women who have been sexually trafficked and those who are risk of being trafficked. With high levels of poverty, illiteracy, and physical abuse, Dominican women are exceptionally vulnerable to traffickers. The Lily House teaches women to create beautiful jewelry. In the process, these formerly enslaved women learn that they are themselves beautiful creations who are worthy of love. “I knew how to do nothing with my hands before Lily House,” says N. “The only thing I knew to do was sell my body. Now I make beautiful things with dignity.” Your purchase of jewelry made by The Lily House artisans brings hope to those who were without hope.

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