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Support Refugee Artisans

Begin Anew Refugee Artisan Group in Nashville, TN.

Every day, people all over the world are forced to flee their homes and abandon their families to seek out new places to call home. War, acts of terrorism, and natural disasters have all contributed to the global refugee crisis.

In fleeing their countries, refugees give up all that is familiar. They give up their homes and their jobs. They give up their dreams and expectations for the future. They essentially give over control of their lives and livelihoods, becoming dependent upon the goodness and kindness of strangers.

WorldCrafts is so grateful for the opportunity to step into this world to partner with two refugee groups, Refugee Beads and Begin Anew Refugee Artisan Group.

When you purchase the products created these two refugee groups, you help us provide sustainable incomes that empower and transform the lives of artisans around the world.