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Mully Movie Viewer Kit

Join your community in sharing the Mully movie, the true story of Charles Mully, a Kenyan man who rose from poverty to become a multimillionaire. At the height of his career, Mully gave up everything to return to the streets, rescuing more than 12,000 orphans and restoring their hope for a future.

*Please note this kit includes resources for people who have seen the movie, not the movie itself. 

Use these downloadable resources to enhance your viewing experience and discover how Mully’s story will transform your life:

  • Viewer Reflections
    • Deepen your connection with the themes of the Mully movie.
  • How You Can Respond Through Ministry Opportunities 
    • Investigate actions you can take to impact poverty. 
  • What It Means . . . An Exploration of Discipleship 
    • Explore the core aspects of discipleship with this six-week devotional book.
  • Social Media for What It Means . . . An Exploration of Discipleship 
    • Use these pre-planned social media posts to share what you are learning about discipleship

All the resources in this kit are digital. If you have questions about how to access the contents of your kit, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Product Number MULL12E
  • $4.99

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