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Christmas on Wheels

A fun way to celebrate Christmas with your little ones!
Each car is handmade of hale wood and dyed with vegetable dye.
The cars are handmade in India by artisans who are receving a sustainable living income.
The little ones in your life will have fun with these cars!
A fun Christmas gift for the little ones in your life!

Celebrate Christmas in a fun way with your little ones! The artisans of Channapatna Handicrafts hand-carve each car from hale wood using a traditional craft skill that is protected as a geographical indication under the World Trade Organization.  The cars are dyed with vegetable dye.  Measures 4-by-4 inches.

Artisan Channapatna Handicrafts
Country India
Product Number H194103
In Stock
  • $14.99

About this Artisan

Channapatna Handicrafts

Channapatna Handicrafts is located in a quaint southern India town. The artisans use a special skill called lac-turnery, a 200-year-old craft traced to the reign of a royal ruler who invited artisans from Persia to train the local artisans in making wooden toys. The process of shaping and coloring the wood is carried out on a lathe, which is a machine that turns the piece of wood while using a sharp tool to shape it. Artisans then apply lacquer of bright and vibrant colors made by mixing natural and nontoxic vegetable dyes.

These lac-turnery products are carved out of hale wood, also called ivory wood, a local species of tree that grows widely throughout South India. Usually the entire tree is not felled and the tree grows back. Thus materials used in the craft are natural and eco-friendly.

In the last decade, with no proper support in marketing, the number of Channapatna artisans has declined considerably, and the craft was dying. With help from WorldCrafts, the artisans of Channapatna have been able to reach the global market, thereby helping the sales of handmade products and improving the livelihoods of the artisans and their families. WorldCrafts has empowered the artisans by reviving the craft, providing better working conditions and sustainable incomes, and creating employment opportunities in the community.

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