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Children's Ministry Party

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Introduce the children and parents of your children’s ministry to WorldCrafts with this fun party.

Introduce the children and parents of your children’s ministry to WorldCrafts with this party that explores fun, games, and missions around the world.

1. Before

  • Choose a party site (church or home) and date. Choose an outdoor location, but be sure to have an indoor alternative in case of rain or extreme heat.
  • Recruit volunteers to help with your party.
  • Send out invitations to guests.
  • Plan for food at your party. This party is a great opportunity to introduce children to different kinds of international foods. You can find easy international dishes in our recipes section.
  • Plan to have fun activities and play international music. Keep the children (and adults!) at your party interested and teach them about other cultures with these fun international games. These are just a few games that your group can play. The Internet has many resources for you to research to find other ideas that fit your group and party.
    • Indonesia: Semut, Organg, Gajah (Ant, Man, Elephant): This game is similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors. Players pump their fists to the count of three. On four, they give one of three signs: pinkie out is ant (semut), index finger out is man (orang), and thumb out is elephant (gajah). The elephant is stronger than the man, the man can squish the ant, and the ant irritates the elephant’s ears. If players make the same sign, they play again. This can be played as an elimination game, where everyone starts with one opponent and, if you lose, you sit down; winners find another winner and play again until only one person is left. That person gets a prize.
    • India/Sri Lanka/Tanzania: Kokku Para Para (My Little Bird): This game is similar to Simon Says and is played in many countries around the world. The object is to pay attention to the leader and make the correct motions. The leader calls out, “My little bird is lively, is lively,” then quickly calls out the name of anything he or she wishes, such as “Goats…Fly!” if the thing named can fly, the other players flap their arms like birds. If the thing named does not fly, players stay still. If a player moves at the wrong time, they are out. Last player standing wins a prize.
  • Plan and prepare to educate guests on WorldCrafts with the Presenting WorldCrafts and WorldCrafts Story information.
  • Guests will enjoy having the latest WorldCrafts catalog at your party. You can secure catalogs for your party by downloading it online and making copies or by ordering printed copies for your guests.
  • Create a WorldCrafts interest center combining products, as well as pictures and stories of the artisans.
  • Plan to display products at your party. Download the following to have on hand for guests to read and to display with products:
  • Plan to show videos at your party. You can order the Sustain Me DVD  or show free videos in our video section.
  • Plan for product orders. Guests can order online or use an order form. You can print an order form or use the one in the catalog.
  • Keep your decorations simple. Bold, bright colors and geometric patterns work well for easy decoration. If you have a lot of guests coming, you could feature different WorldCrafts artisan groups and countries at each table, using various symbols of the country as inspiration.

2. During

  • Play music, welcome guests, and give guests time to mingle.
  • Introduce the WorldCrafts ministry and offer a few facts. You can use the downloadable resources and videos from the Before section to aid your presentation.
  • Have a share time and activity break.
  • Serve refreshments.
  • Invite guests to take one of the Artisan Biographies, Display Cards, or the World Map as a prayer prompt in the weeks and months ahead.
  • Encourage party attendees that they can bless WorldCrafts artisans both physically and spiritually by purchasing their products.
  • This party is an introduction to WorldCrafts for the adults and the children in your church. Remind your guests that WorldCrafts is not just about toys and jewelry but that the lives of the artisans are changed by being able to earn a living and hearing the offer of eternal life.
  • Take product orders. Orders can be placed online, call in order to Customer Service at 1-800-968-7301, or use the catalog order form. We encourage group orders to avoid individual shipping charges. You can use the blank or catalog order form.
  • Reminder: WorldCrafts products are handmade, not mass-produced, so quantities are limited.

3. After

  • If a group order was taken, complete the order for the party. Complete product purchases and/or take orders.
    • We encourage group orders to avoid individual shipping charges. You can send in the catalog order form. A blank order form is also available. You may want to print extra copies of the blank order form before the party. Please only send one check per order form made payable to WorldCrafts.
    • Mail the order from to P.O. Box 830711, Birmingham, AL 35283-0711
  • Make any returns necessary.
    • If you bought items in advance and need to return what did not sell, please return within 30 days of purchase to WorldCrafts for credit.
    • Our address is 100 Missy Ridge, Birmingham, AL 35242. You are responsible for return shipping.
    • Note however that the Sample Sets and items purchased on clearance (50% discount) are not returnable.
  • Evaluate the party.
    • Talk with people who helped you with the party and ask for feedback.
    • Send feedback or ideas to
  • Tell us your story.
    • Submit your story using our party story form.
    • Share your story on our social media pages. Be sure to post photos on our Facebook  page and use #worldcrafts on social media.