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Calcutta Sari Throw

A perfect addition to your home, this functional throw is made of traditional saris by women of Calcutta.
Brightly colored sari throw that is changing the lives of artisans in the villages of India. Colors vary.

Indian women working with WorldCrafts artisan group Shelano turn their beloved and intricately designed saris into a functional throw seen and enjoyed in the home.

Purchasing this throw enables women in the villages of India to provide sustainable income for their families.

The throw is stitched out of fabrics in red, pink, and green hues. Sari patterns and colors vary. Measures approximately 42-by-42 inches.

Artisan Shelano
Country India
Product Number H133101
In Stock
  • $39.99

About this Artisan


The young women of Shelano have come from the slums in the south of Kolkata, India. Finding a job is difficult, if not impossible, with their background and limited education. By purchasing their handmade products, you are not only getting a fairly-traded product, but also giving a woman an opportunity to take care of her family and invest in the future. Each throw is unique and is made by a unique woman with a unique story. As it goes from her hands to yours, you are help a woman earn some money of her own and contribute to her confidence and well-being.

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