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This sturdy bag features the Baptist Nursing Fellowship logo and helps employ widows in Bangladesh.

Sturdy canvas bag that features the Baptist Nursing Fellowship logo.

Handmade by widows in Bangladesh. Perfect for BNF members and supporters. Peaceful Creations supports and educates widows to use their artisan skills to provide income for their families.

The bag measures 15-by-15 inches with a 23-inch handle.

Artisan Peaceful Creations
Country Bangladesh
Product Number H154181
In Stock
  • $16.99

About this Artisan

Peaceful Creations

In a small village in southwest Bangladesh, widows frantically search for work in order to take care of their young children. Because the widows are uneducated, they don’t possess marketable skills, and this leaves them with a bleak view of their future. But for the last several years, Peaceful Creations has partnered with the widows to sell their handmade items. By creating these items, more than 50 widows are now able to stay at home with their children while earning an income.

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