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WorldCrafts Partners with Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries

Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries seeks to be the foremost provider to children and family in crisis in the state.

What do fair-trade artisans in Africa and at-risk children in Arkansas have in common? Thanks to WorldCrafts’ latest partnership initiative, both groups can benefit directly from the sale of handcrafted items ranging from jewelry and accessories to home décor and Christmas-themed craft items.

WorldCrafts, established in 1996, is the fair-trade division of WMU. It recently launched a benefit partners strategy that pairs handcrafted items from around the globe with direct support for Baptist children’s home ministries throughout the nation.

The initiative, which supports the work of the Baptist Coalition for Children and Families, allows local churches, missions groups or individuals to partner with WorldCrafts to simultaneously support children in need while providing life-sustaining work for artisans and their families.

Beginning with Baptist children’s home ministries in Alabama and Arizona, the effort has expanded to include ministries in Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina.

To support children served through any of the benefit partners, churches or individuals can register online to host a one-month online WorldCrafts benefit. WorldCrafts creates a custom promotion kit for each host, including a unique webpage, promotion code, social media images and a bulletin insert. Twenty percent of all sales generated by each benefit go directly to the designated children’s home ministry.

Sandy Wisdom-Martin, executive director of WMU, described this ministry effort as a natural fit for WorldCrafts. “Many people have a desire to assist foster children but don’t know how or where to get started,” she noted. “This initiative through WorldCrafts can help create connections between churches and families and their local Baptist children and family ministry.”

“WorldCrafts is a great organization,” affirmed Stella Prather, director of communications for Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes and Family Ministries. “It’s fair trade. It’s helping people overseas have jobs.

“I am so excited about this partnership,” said Prather. “Our churches and our individuals in Arkansas can host an online party for one month for items like purses and jewelry.”

Noting that WorldCrafts provides promotion kits for each organization and benefit host to use and that the children’s home receives 20 percent of the proceeds, Prather added, “How easy is that?”

Recalling that “my first memories of missions were WMU and GAs,” she said, “I love WorldCrafts. It’s a strong organization making a difference in the lives of women overseas” as well as benefitting children and families in crisis, foster home care and counseling services.

According to Emily Swader, WorldCrafts Hub Manager, “WorldCrafts is honored to partner with Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries and other children’s home ministries to provide support to children and families across the nation while providing sustainable work for more than 2,000 artisans and their families around the world.”

To host a benefit or learn more about WorldCrafts, interested individuals may visit


by Trennis Henderson, WMU National Correspondent