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WorldCrafts Fair-Trade Gifts for Dads

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and WorldCrafts has the perfect gifts to ensure that dads everywhere know that they are loved and valued!

Buying from WorldCrafts means you have the special privilege of supporting parents around the world who work hard to care for their children and families.  Your purchase plays a large role in restoring their hope.

Order by June 10 in order to receive your gifts by Father’s Day, so shop now!

Gift Guide

Olive Wood Fish Dish

The Olive Wood Fish Dish is the perfect gift for your dad to use to keep his change and keys! From each sale of an item, the Glad Tidings artisans in Jordan—who are hearing-impaired or otherwise disabled or disadvantaged—can afford to buy precious commodities such as food, clothing, shelter, and education.

Giraffe Bookends

Giraffe Bookends

Carved out of rich, ebony wood, the Giraffe Bookends would make a great accent to your dad’s shelf! Benefiting more than 400 families in Kenya, Mother Care Handcrafts helps provide work opportunities for disadvantaged families in centuries-old traditions, such as carving and basket weaving. Artisans are then able to feed and clothe their families.

Moroccan Messenger Bag

The Moroccan Messenger Bag is a functional leather messenger bag perfect for busy dads.  Big enough to fit most laptop computers, books, and notepads, this messenger bag also features 2 external zippered pockets, snap closure, and 48-inch adjustable strap. Handmade of Moroccan leather by Berber artisans employed at Leather Project in North Africa who are working to provide for their families.

Cord Keeper- Navy

Does your dad have lots of cords to keep organized? The Cord Keeper-Navy, adjustable for large and small cords, will be a great gift! Handmade by women artisans of Graffiti 2 Works in the South Bronx of New York who build self-esteem and develop relationships with each other and with our Father.

Indian Mosaic Frames

Dads love framed photos of their kids in their homes and offices. Each unique Indian Mosaic Frame is made out of recycled multicolored pieces of broken glass by Indian women employed at Rahab’s Rope who have been shattered like the broken glass, but by the tragedy of sex trafficking. As the women who hand-make each frame heal physically, spiritually, and emotionally, they, too, become new, beautiful creations.

Downloadable Father’s Day Card

To accompany your fair-trade gift, download this free Father’s Day card that will tell your dad a little bit about WorldCrafts and the difference you made by buying them a gift that gives back to so many.