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WorldCrafts Artisans Receive Grants for Clean Water

In the midst of the global pandemic, WMU’s Compassion Ministry Pure Water, Pure Love granted four WorldCrafts artisan groups with more than $40,000 to provide clean water for the artisans, their families, and their communities.

Bidri Ware, WorldCrafts’ newest artisan group, employs skilled artisans in a southern Indian town who are providing for their families because of their work. This area is well known for water scarcity and drought and has experienced a water shortage for the fifth consecutive year. The funds will be used to dig a deep bore well for their community.

Love Calcutta Arts handicrafts unit enables young Indian women to support themselves with dignity and help the artisan’s mothers leave the sex industry. The grant will allow Love Calcutta Arts to provide 50 water filters to be used in artisans’ homes, providing them with clean water year round.

In Kigali, Rwanda, artisans employed at More Than Sparrows have to fetch water in a wetland or community water tank. This grant will provide water filters for 5 artisans and their families, giving them access to safe drinking water.

WorldCrafts artisan partner Mully Children’s Family in Kenya will use their funds to provide a well on the property of a new ministry for girls who have been rescued from sexual abuse.

Thank you for your support of artisan groups around the world who care for the physical, spiritual, and emotional health of artisans, their families, and their communities.