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Will You Join Us in Providing Hope?

WorldCrafts is pleased to announce we’ve just released our new Hope catalog. Featuring artisans around the world, the Hope catalog highlights the ways WorldCrafts is providing hope through our fair trade partnerships with global artisans. If you like shopping online, you can browse our e-catalog. Or, if you prefer, you can request a print catalog. This catalog is valid through February 28, 2019.

“You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word.” (Psalm 119:114 NIV)

Here are some ways we are providing hope:

Hope for Refugees

Begin Anew Refugee Artisan Group
Begin Anew Refugee Artisan Group brings hope and new life to refugees who’ve relocated to Nashville.

WorldCrafts provides hope for refugees through our partnership with Begin Anew Refugee Artisan Group in Nashville. Through this ministry, refugees are learning to speak English, developing job skills, and providing for their families. Created by Begin Anew Refugee Artisan Group, the Micah 6:8 Banner (More coming soon!) and Micah 6:8 Keychain are reminders of our Father’s love for the world around us, and His desire for His followers to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly before Him.

Hope for Victims of Sex Trafficking

Thai Country Trim Artisans
Thai Country Trim rescues and restores women out of sex trafficking.

WorldCrafts provides hope for sex trafficking victims around the world through its Support Freedom campaign. Thai Country Trim rescues vulnerable women throughout Thailand. Because of their work through Thai Country Trim, survivors of trafficking gain confidence and self-assurance with the knowledge that they never have to return to a life of shame and despair. Thai Country Trim’s new purse, the Betty Bag, is named after the American woman who founded this artisan group.

The WellHouse Artisan
The WellHouse teaches victims of sex trafficking how to live hope-filled, victorious lives.

Another WorldCrafts’ Support Freedom artisan group, The WellHouse, brings freedom to sex trafficking victims in the United States. As they hand string the beads of the Lauren Necklace and Lauren Bracelet, the artisans at The WellHouse learn their value and worth in the eyes of their Father. The WellHouse’s partnership with WorldCrafts provides hope of a new life for these former victims who are being transformed into overcomers.

Hope for Women Supporting their Families

Graffiti 2 Works Artisans
Graffiti 2 Works brings freedom to women formerly enslaved by poverty.

WorldCrafts provides hope for the seamstresses at Graffiti 2 Works. Located in the Mott Haven neighborhood in South Bronx, this artisan group helps women provide hope for their families and their futures. Here, formerly hopeless artisans come together to sew, to study the Word, and to learn how our Father provides good work for His children. Graffiti 2 Works’ new Celebration Table Runner lends itself to celebrations throughout the year.

Join Us in Providing Hope

What comes to your mind when think of the word hope? The dictionary defines hope as a desire or a wish. Maybe you think of hope as the desire for a bright future.

For impoverished artisans around the world, hope is physical. To those in poverty, hope is the assurance of safety and security. It is the promise that children will be educated and clothed. It is a guarantee that families will have food security and health care. It means communities are economically transformed.

For WorldCrafts’ artisans, hope is also emotional and spiritual. It is the dream of becoming self-sufficient and self-confident. It is a growing knowledge of their own worth and value. It becomes the anticipation of eternal life with a Father who loves them unconditionally. It means that individuals and families will be spiritually transformed.

WorldCrafts exists to bring hope to a world living in darkness. Will you join us?