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Introducing Tennessee WMU WorldCrafts Advocates!

Tennessee WMU advocates Anna Huggins, Charlyene Couey, Rhonda Poore and Bobby Turner are prepared to bring the ministry and vision of WorldCrafts to churches and small groups throughout Tennessee.

We are thrilled to announce our new Tennessee WMU WorldCrafts Advocates!

Tennessee WMU desires to offer churches and small groups the opportunity to discover how they can get involved in missions through the ministry of WorldCrafts. To accomplish this, they have engaged four WorldCrafts advocates, one for each of four regions in Tennessee.

The newly appointed WorldCrafts advocates are Bobby Turner, East Tennessee; Anna Huggins, Northeast Tennessee; Charlyene Couey, Middle Tennessee; and Rhonda Poore, West Tennessee.

Each of these women are passionate about WorldCrafts and the difference they are making in the lives of artisans all over the world. They are eager to involve congregations all over the state in this mission.

“I love the ministry of WorldCrafts because it gives hope to the hopeless and provides a means for men and women to make an honest living so they can support their families,” said Poore. “It helps rescue people from human trafficking, gives artisans an avenue to use their talents and offers products that are well made and beautiful. It points people to our Father. It really is a holistic ministry!”

Anna Huggins agrees, “I am thankful that whatever I purchase might help a mother provide for her family, or help a young woman have hope for a new way of life.”

The Tennessee WMU advocates can accommodate the needs of churches or small groups in a variety of ways; they can provide a presentation explaining the work and eternal impact of WorldCrafts, set up a WorldCrafts display, or work with a church or organization to set up a full WorldCrafts market.

Tennessee WMU expressed excitement about the work of their new WorldCrafts advocates. Denise Bronaugh of Tennessee WMU says, “Our hope is that churches and small groups will invite them in to share about this ministry that is changing lives around the world.”

For more information or to contact your regional WorldCrafts advocate to speak to your church or small group, visit

By Kendall Christian, communications intern, national WMU