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The Grace Bracelet: Handmade by Trafficking Survivors



WorldCrafts artisan partner The WellHouse just outside Birmingham, Alabama, seeks to honor our Father by providing rescue and opportunities for restoration to women who have survived human trafficking and specifically sexual exploitation. The WellHouse never charges residents for living quarters, therapy, case management, and other services.

The Impact of The WellHouse

WorldCrafts partnership with The WellHouse has enabled many of the residents to receive consistent work in the jewelry-making program. The products are made onsite in their residential living facility for human trafficking survivors. By making jewelry, residents are able to practice good job skills, such as punctuality, customer service, and meeting deadlines. Further, their self-esteem is greatly enhanced when they see the value of their work.

Each artisan takes part in the whole spectrum of the production process. Some work on ideation and creation of new products, some work on hand crafting the products, some work on shipping and fulfilling orders, and some work on inventory management.

When the artisans work on a WorldCrafts order, they know their work is going to be seen all over the country, giving them hope that they are valuable, skilled, and can do something that contributes to a ministry that is doing good all over the world. They feel so accomplished when they complete the order, empowering them to take on other challenges ahead.

Special Opportunity

This July you have a special opportunity to preorder four new products—including the new Grace Bracelet from The WellHouse. These unique items are only available for preorder through 11:00 a.m. CDT on Friday, July 31, 2020 and shipped to you in September. They will not be available on our website ever again, so be sure to place your preorder today!

All orders are preorders and will be shipped to you by the end of September. Place your preorder through this special link. Our standard shipping and tax rates apply. All products will be shipped to you at one time. Your card will be charged now for taxes and shipping. You will receive an automatic confirmation email when you place the preorder and an email from WMU when your card is charged for taxes and shipping. Your card will be charged for the products and you will be sent tracking information from WMU when your order is shipped in September.

If you are local to Birmingham, Alabama, and within a 50-mile radius of national WMU, call 1-800-968-7301 to place your preorder by phone, and we will do a free delivery on pre-tax and shipping preorders of $50.00 or more in the WorldCrafts van on a communicated date in September. Those who preorder over the phone can also choose to pick up their orders at National WMU on a couple of dates offered in September. You can preorder over the phone until 5:00 p.m. CDT on Thursday, July 30.

Grace Bracelet

When you wear this one-of-a-kind bracelet, you are sharing hope, love, and courage.

Made from marble-style beads, this bracelet features the stamped WellHouse logo. Measures 7.5 inches long. Packaged in a cloth bag with The WellHouse photo and story.

$19.99 plus shipping and tax

Preorder the Grace Bracelet through this link.

Thank you for your support of WorldCrafts artisans!