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Thai Country Trim: Sharing Eternal Hope

Thai Country Trim Artisans
Thai Country Trim artisans love earning a living wage and learning of their Father’s love.

Thai Country Trim, WorldCrafts’ oldest and largest artisan group, employs artisans throughout the country of Thailand. Through its partnership with WorldCrafts’ Support Freedom campaign, women are rescued out of human slavery and restored to new life.

Thai Country Trim’s Impact

By working with Thai Country Trim, women can provide for their families and educate their children. The director of Thai Country Trim, shares that every one of her 25 full time employees who work at the main center have been able to put their children through college using their earnings. In addition to these 25 full time employees, more than 300 crafters throughout the country earn living wages. Most importantly, every week each woman involved with Thai Country Trim hears words of eternal hope.

Women like Jum say that while they appreciate earning a fair wage, the most important thing they receive is the knowledge that their Father loves them. Jum says that their morning studies help her stay close to Father, and she joyfully shares, “I know that I am working for [my Father] every day!”

Thai Country Trim’s Products

The hand-sewn crafts of Thai Country Trim are unique to this region, crafted of traditional Thai patterned fabrics. Each product represents a life transformed.

Majestic Thai Collection

Each piece in the Majestic Thai collection is hand sewn with a one-of-a-kind blue and gold Thai patterned fabric.

Majestic Thai Purse

Majestic Thai Purse

The 12-by-5-10 inch Majestic Thai Purse features 4 inside pockets, a zipper closure, and an outside zippered pocket. The purse includes two 6.5 inch handles and a removable, adjustable strap that measures up to 55 inches.

Majestic Thai Wallet

The Majestic Thai Wallet features 4 separate sections, a pocket on each end, 1 zippered pocket in the middle, and 6 card slots. The wallet measures 8-by-1-by-4 inches.

Majestic Thai Eyeglasses Case

Protect your glasses in style with the Majestic Thai Eyeglasses Case which measures 3.5-by-7.25 inches.

Thai Elephant Collection

Crafted in an elephant-print fabric, the Thai Elephant collection is perfect for the traveler in your life.

Thai Elephant ID Case

The Thai Elephant ID Case includes a plastic window pocket, black zipper, a handle and a silver-tone latch clasp. The case measures 4.5-by-0.25-by-3.5 inches.

Thai Elephant Luggage Tag

Measuring 3-by-5.5 inches with a 6-inch loop for hanging and a 2-by-2.75 plastic window, the Thai Elephant Luggage Tag will help you keep track of your bags.

Thai Elephant Wallet

Thai Elephant Wallet

The Thai Elephant Wallet features 4 separate sections, a pocket on each end, 1 zippered pocket in the middle, and 6 card slots. Measures 8-by-1-by-4 inches.

Betty Bag

Betty Bag

The Betty Bag is perfect for both travel or every day use. The interior features an 11-by-11 inch pocket with a black zipper, a 16-by-1-10 inch pocket with a hook and loop closure, and a removal plastic base with black fabric sleeve. Bag measures 13-by-4.25-by-15 inches.


Your commitment to purchasing fair trade enables WorldCrafts to continue supporting groups like Thai Country Trim. We are eternally grateful for your partnership in bringing hope to our artisans throughout the world.