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When You Say “Yes” to God

The Mully Movie will transform your life.
Charles and Esther Mully of Mully Children’s Family have become the legal guardians to more than 12,000 Kenyan children since 1989.

What happens when you say “Yes” to God? How does your perspective change when you follow and obey Him with complete abandon, even when you are uncertain where the path will lead? As you sacrifice and serve others in His name, how is your heart transformed?

A Transforming Decision

Charles Mully’s life illustrates the transformation we experience upon surrendering everything to God. Charles is a Kenyan orphan who was abandoned by his family at the age of six. His extended family’s poverty prevented them for caring for him, so he became a beggar and eventually walked to Nairobi in search of work. With God’s help and his own entrepreneurial creativity, Charles found work, began investing, and built an empire of businesses. Over time, he became a multimillionaire.

In the midst of his worldly success, Charles answered God’s call and returned to the streets with his wife and eight biological children, forming Mully Children’s Family (MCF). To date, they have rescued over 12,000 Kenyan orphans and have begun a sustainable agriculture business. Mully Children’s Family now supports whole communities, feeding thousands of people every day.

A Transforming Partnership

In January, WorldCrafts partnered with Mully Children’s Family to bring the artisans at its Yatta Vocational Training Centre into our Support Freedom Campaign. The training center, begun by Charles’s wife, Esther, rescues and restores young women who are victims of human exploitation. Kenya’s poverty and lack of adequate medical care leaves girls vulnerable to ruthless people whose greed outweighs their compassion.

The MCF artisans handcraft beautiful African fabric purses and beaded necklaces. Our partnership provides a living wage for the women and helps ensure they will not be victimized again. As they earn fair wages, these artisans are able to provide for their children, their siblings, and their extended families. Many become able to save money, enabling them to achieve their life goals.

To highlight our new partnership with Mully Children’s Family and the Support Freedom campaign, WorldCrafts created the Support Freedom catalog. Featuring the work and stories of six artisan groups across two continents, this catalog raises awareness of the plight of victims around the world and suggests ways you can join us in the fight to end human trafficking and stop sexual exploitation.

A Transforming Story

WorldCrafts’ partnership with MCF doesn’t end with our support of the artisans at the Yatta Vocational Training Centre. Soon, you will be able to experience Charles Mully’s story in living color. His remarkable life has been documented in a movie titled Mully.

Churches interested in hosting a pre-theatrical showing of the movie now through September 24 are encouraged to request more information and a personal screening. This is an exclusive opportunity to host the film in your church before the October theatrical release.

The movie will also release in approximately 800 theaters on October 3, 4, and 5. Tickets for the theatrical release are now available. Seating is limited. Get your tickets now!

Experiencing the Transformation

Deepen your experience with the Mully movie with WorldCrafts’ comprehensive downloadable Mully Movie Host Kit and Mully Movie Viewer Kit:

  • The online Host Kit is divided into two categories:
    • Resources you will need before you show the movie with everything you need for planning, publicity, and presentation of the movie, including predesigned social media images.
    • Resources you will need after you show the movie to inspire your community to action. You will receive a series of ministry opportunities and a downloadable devotional book entitled What It Means . . . An Exploration of Discipleship. To study the devotional book in community, complete lessons plans for a six-week small group study and predesigned social media powers are included.
  • The online Viewer Kit encourages viewers to delve more deeply into the themes of the Mully movie. This kit includes the following resources:
    • A guide for reflecting on the Mully movie,
    • A series of ministry opportunities,
    • The devotional book What It Means . . . An Exploration of Discipleship, and
    • Predesigned social media posts so you can share what you learn about discipleship each day.

*Ten percent of the proceeds from these kits go directly to Mully Children’s Family.

If you would like to more fully engage with the story of Charles Mully, we have created an exclusive limited-edition Mully Children’s Family Collection. This collection includes the following:

  • Yatta Purse
  • Yatta Necklace
  • Orphanology: Awakening to Gospel-Centered Adoption and Orphan Care by Tony Merida and Rick Morton
  • Support Freedom Catalog
  • Prayer Guide to help you explore your role in the restoration of the oppressed and to equip yourself for service through personal discipleship
  • Mully Movie View Kit, with an invitation to join our online study of What It Means . . . An Exploration of Discipleship, October 6 – November 4, 2017.

As you begin to walk the path your Father has laid out for you, your whole life is transformed.

To see what happens when you say “Yes” to God, look into the life of Charles Mully and the children of Mully Children’s Family.  As you begin to walk the path your Father has laid out for you, your whole life is transformed. You understand that God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. You see others through His eyes and feel for them with His heart. You can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch ministry. You will be compelled to join the battle for the hearts of man.

This is the transforming power of love.