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Rahab’s Rope: Mending Broken Lives

Rahab’s Rope mends the lives of women broken by sex trafficking.

Ananya’s* life was forever changed when WorldCrafts’ artisan group Rahab’s Rope rescued her and provided a safe and loving environment. Rahab’s Rope has a bold mission: to give hope and opportunity to women and girls who are at risk or who have been forced into the sex trade in India. Their vision is to see lives transformed by God’s love in action.

Providing Work With Dignity

Before being rescued by Rahab’s Rope, Ananya, widowed and unemployed, looked on her 3 children with despair. As a widow in India, she had been shunned by her family and community who believe that widows bring bad luck. With no hope of a job, she knew that, at best, her children faced lives of extreme poverty. At worst, they faced death from malnutrition. Ananya began to contemplate every woman’s worst nightmare – turning to prostitution for survival.

Through Rahab’s Rope, Ananya has been given job skills training and now has work. She is able to care for her family. All 3 of her children receive nutritious meals. All 3 are now in school and they have hope for a bright future. One of her daughters has even enrolled in college.

Rahab’s Rope shares that their partnership with WorldCrafts through its Support Freedom Campaign allows them to give more women more work, enabling them to care for their families and pay for their children to go to school. As Rahab’s Rope gives women work with dignity, they also pour the Father’s love into their artisans. As the artisans receive the Father’s love, they develop self-confidence and begin to understand that they have great value.

Restoring Brokenness

Indian Mosaic Frames represent broken lives that been restored.

The Indian Mosaic Frames produced by the artisans of Rahab’s Rope symbolize the lives of women rescued from sex trafficking. The frames are handcrafted from broken pieces of recycled, multicolored glass. The glass is meticulously rejoined to create vibrant, beautiful art. Like the frames, through the ministry of Rahab’s Rope, the lives of women broken apart by sex trafficking are being remade into vibrant, beautiful masterpieces through the ministry of Rahab’s Rope.

When you purchase the brilliant Indian Mosaic Frames created by the artisans of Rahab’s Rope, you join in their goal of helping women become successful in their own communities as they are equipped to provide for themselves and their families. You enable women to understand that there is life and work beyond sex trafficking that they never thought was possible. You teach them that they are worthy of love and respect.

Thank you for loving our artisans and helping them develop the gifts our Father has given them!