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New Necklace from The WellHouse!

The Jackie Necklace and Jackie Bracelet are handmade by artisans at The WellHouse just outside Birmingham, Alabama.

WorldCrafts artisan partner The WellHouse just outside Birmingham, Alabama, seeks to honor our Father by providing rescue and opportunities for restoration to women who have survived human trafficking and specifically sexual exploitation. The WellHouse never charges residents for living quarters, therapy, case management, and other services.

The Impact of The WellHouse

WorldCrafts partnership with The WellHouse  has enabled many of the residents’ consistent work in the jewelry making program.  The women are able to earn a wage, develop consistent job skills training, and build a sense of confidence and community.  In addition, as the pieces are sold and circulated, awareness of the issue of human trafficking and the mission of The WellHouse increases.  The awareness will continue to help address the egregious crime and increase the likelihood of healing for many more.

DL was a survivor of both labor and sex trafficking. She was very insecure and unprepared to reenter public spaces.  She began working in a quiet space on bracelets.  Thanks to WorldCrafts, she was able to make many pieces of jewelry and even found she had a flair for design and marketing.  She eventually applied for a management position in the jewelry-making program and excelled at the cataloging, inventory, and scheduling of the program.  After a year, she was able to take a new job outside of the program and has done very well at it. She continues to thrive.

Products from The WellHouse

We are delighted to add the Jackie Necklace as a new product from The WellHouse artisans. Your purchase of their handmade jewelry supports the women as they rebuild their lives.

Jackie Necklace

The Jackie Necklace matches any outfit! It is made from labradorite beads and features a unique frayed tassel and stamped WellHouse logo.

Jackie Bracelet

The Jackie Bracelet is made from labradorite beads and features a natural opal stone cross and stamped WellHouse logo.

Lauren Necklace

When you wear this one-of-a-kind necklace, you share hope, love, and courage. The Lauren Necklace is made from stunning amazonite stone and small clear beads. Features the stamped WellHouse logo.

Lauren Bracelet


The Lauren Bracelet is made from stunning amazonite and natural agate stone; this bracelet features the stamped WellHouse logo.

Thank you for loving our artisans and helping them develop the gifts our Father has given them!