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Support Freedom on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

The WorldCrafts Support Freedom campaign actively empowers our customers, buyers, and artisans by supporting those groups working to free women involved in or at risk of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

WorldCrafts makes a difference . . . for victims of modern-day slavery. Each year, by force, fraud, or coercion, millions of people find themselves trapped in bonded labor and sexual exploitation. WorldCrafts artisan groups work to end these evils by providing sustainable income to people in poverty. When earning a living wage, parents are less likely to be seduced by a sex trafficker’s poisoned promises regarding their daughter’s future. And young women hoping for better lives are less likely to fall prey to criminals seeking to use and abuse the most vulnerable.

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and National Human Trafficking Awareness Day is observed January 11. Through your support and involvement in the Support Freedom campaign, you can join us in the fight to end human trafficking and stop sexual exploitation.

Ways to Support

  • Learn more about these issues through stories about artisan groups tackling the problems—spiritual, emotional, and physical—at a grassroots level.  You can also download the Support Freedom Call to Action for a short summary of each artisan group involved in the campaign.
  • Purchase items from our Support Freedom groups, and know that you are financially supporting those on the front lines of this moral crisis.
  • Pray for these artisan groups specifically through the Support Freedom Prayer Guide
  • Mobilize others by setting up a WorldCrafts display or creating a WorldCrafts virtual market to tell your church, your friends, and your family about WorldCrafts.
  • Host a trafficking simulation, Trafficked: Fighting to Be Free, to expose the hard truths and tough consequences of human trafficking to students and adults. This one-hour simulation is designed for up to 60 participants to experience the realities of trafficking. Participants will learn about trafficking around the world and have an opportunity reflect on their experiences and learn how they can minister to those who have been rescued.
  • Take the self-guided online mini-course Human Trafficking: The Church’s Response that will provide you with an overview of human trafficking. Resources will be provided for leading training conferences on the issue and how you can be involved in the fight against human trafficking.

Thank you for your support of WorldCrafts artisans around the world.