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The Leather Project: Keeping Families Together in North Africa

The Leather Project artisan
For Berber artisans, The Leather Project represents lives changed by Hope and Truth.

Nestled in the mountains of North Africa, WorldCrafts artisan group The Leather Project upcycles scraps from a furniture and upholstery company to create beautiful leather products. The artisans of the Leather Project are Berbers. Once known as nomadic traders, most Berbers today work as farmers and shepherds. Because of economic and climate changes, however, more and more Berbers are being forced to leave their families in order to find work in the cities. The Leather Project’s artisans say they are grateful for their partnership with WorldCrafts. In providing a regular income for their families, this work gives them the opportunity to remain at home with their families.

Creating Transformations

For Berber artisan Aderfi*, The Leather Project represents a life transformed as this work has brought him both hope and truth. Aderfi shares that he was once lost and headed down the wrong path. He was both a drug user and a thief. But then an artisan came to his area and taught him how to handcraft leather products. As the artisan worked with Aderfi, he spoke words truth and the hope of eternal life into the Berber’s life. Through grace and mercy, this former drug user and thief was conformed into a new image. Aderfi was freed from drugs and says, “I have been serving since then, doing leather work and helping others.”

Creating Servant Hearts

Fully transformed now, Aderfi says he prays to have a regular income from his business so that he can serve and encourage many others. He desires to grow in love and trust and dependence on his Father. Out of this spiritual growth, he hopes to see the business grow so that he can teach leather-working and speak words of truth and light to those in need. Aderfi says that his wife has been encouraged because of the way The Leather Project has provided for their family’s needs. Aderfi asks us to pray that she will understand and accept truth and hope.

Your holiday purchase through WorldCrafts is not only a gift for your special someone, it is also a gift to artisans around the world.

Creating Beautiful Products

The Leather Project’s handcrafted leather products include the Moroccan Leather Portfolio, the Moroccan Leather Purse, and the Moroccan Saddlebag. Each piece is made of 100% Moroccan leather. The legal-sized Moroccan Portfolio is a fantastic accessory for businessmen or women. The Moroccan Saddlebag is perfect for the person on the go. And, the Moroccan Leather purse, made of beautiful red leather, makes a fun and vibrant gift.

As you prepare for your holiday shopping, please consider shopping with purchase. Your holiday purchase through WorldCrafts is not only a gift for your special someone, it is also a gift to artisans around the world. Your partnership enables us to continue making an eternal impact by developing sustainable fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world.

*name changed