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Help WorldCrafts and CWJC/CMJC Fight Poverty

CWJC/CMJC equips women and men, in a faith-based context, for life and employment.

Job development and the provision of sustainable, living wages are at the heart of WorldCrafts’ vision to offer an income with dignity and the hope of everlasting life to every person on earth. This vision fits hand-in-glove with the mission of Christian Women’s Job Corps and Christian Men’s Job Corps (CWJC/CMJC): to equip women and men, in a faith-based context, for life and employment.

What are you willing to do to relieve impoverished people here in the US and around the world?

What if we told you that you can join the fight against poverty by simply hosting a one-month online benefit?

It’s true, you can!

How to Host a Benefit for CWJC/CMJC

You, your life group, or even your whole church can host a one-month online WorldCrafts benefit for the CWJC/CMJC site you wish to help.

Simply complete an online registration form and WorldCrafts will do the rest. Note that you need to sign up no later than the 15th of the month prior to the month you wish to host a benefit to ensure that the WorldCrafts team will have time to process your request.

In the week prior to your benefit, you will receive a link to a webpage created just for you, along with a promotion code, promotional pieces, and instructions for hosting the benefit.

During the month of your online benefit, you simply promote the benefit through social media, email, and your church or community’s promotional systems. You can invite your friends to spread the word by liking and sharing your posts on Facebook and Instagram, and retweeting on Twitter.

In the month following your benefit, we will send a check for 20% of your proceeds directly to your selected CWJC/CMJC site. You will receive an email notifying you of the total amount donated, along with fun ways to share your results on social media.

Be sure to sign up by April 15 to host a benefit in May!

Which CWJC/CMJC Sites Are Registered as Beneficiaries?

Currently the following sites are registered beneficiaries:


M-POWER Ministries

M-POWER Ministries engages with the people of Birmingham to provide paths out of poverty. M-POWER provides educational resources, health care, mentoring and tutoring to holistically help the poor in their community.

Christian Women’s Job Corps of Madison County, AL

Christian Women’s Job Corps of Madison County, AL equips women with essential skills to improve their lives and to learn the path their Father has uniquely created for them. CWJC of Madison County is one of WorldCrafts newest artisan groups, handcrafting the beautiful Hope Earrings from top-grade leather donated by Holtz Leather Company, a family business dedicated to improving its community.


Jacksonville Christian Women’s Job Corps, Inc.

Jacksonville Christian Women’s Job Corps, Inc. provides life and employment classes, along with Bible study, to women in need.


Christian Women’s Job Corps of Monroe, LA

Christian Women’s Job Corps of Monroe, LA provides its participants with encouragement, love, Bible study, and other tools to help them provide a better life for themselves and their families. In addition to being a beneficiary in WorldCrafts CWJC/CMJC benefit initiative, CWJC of Monroe, LA is also an artisan group who creates the Micah 6:8 Mug using sublimation transfers and who can create custom products for your event.


Merea Ministry, Inc.

Merea Ministry’s mission is to provide a faith-based context in which women in need are equipped for life and employment, and a mentoring context in which women help women.


RISE of Hattiesburg seeks to educate, encourage, and empower women and men to RISE to a place of self-sufficiency.

Women’s Hope

Women’s Hope of Magee, MS offers hope to women by providing Godly life and job skills through job skills training, GED tutoring, opportunities to participate in Celebrate Recovery, Bible study, and mentoring.


Bethel Baptist Association CWJC

Bethel Baptist Association CWJC strives to affirm the worth of every woman by investing in one-on-one relationships where women learn life skills and the personal application of the Word.

New York

Graffiti 2 Works

In the Mott Haven community of the South Bronx, Graffiti 2 Works sees the great potential of their neighbors. Graffiti 2 Works coaches adults in developing the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual skills necessary to achieve their full potential. As a WorldCrafts artisan group, Graffiti 2 Works also empowers women to earn a living wage by hand sewing a variety of accessories: the Celebration Table Runner, Cord Keeper- Navy, Everyday Essentials Bag, Hope Lanyard, and Red Gingham Oven Mitt.

North Carolina

The Bridge

The Bridge in Wilmington, North Carolina, exists to empower and equip women in need with job readiness, job preparedness, and life skills to move from dependency to a life of self sufficiency, and to offer volunteers a place where their interests, gifts, and talents can be used with a challenge of growth.

Pivot Ministry

Pivot Ministry in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, empowers low-income women for better life and income-producing opportunities through classes in life skills, job skills, and Bible study, along with a one-on-one Christian mentor.


Begin Anew

The mission of Begin Anew in Nashville is to empower individuals in Middle Tennessee to overcome obstacles caused by poverty by providing education, mentoring, and resources. Also a WorldCrafts artisan group, Begin Anew Refugee Artisan Group creates hand screen printed items and offers the fulfillment of custom orders, as well.

Champion Commons

Located in Jasper, Tennessee, Champion Commons seeks to educate and empower struggling people according the example found in the Word.

Fresh Start Ministries, CWJC

Fresh Start Ministries, CWJC’s mission is to connect women in need with other women, empowering them to become self-sufficient through Bible study and mentoring.

A Hand Up for Women

In Knoxville, TN, A Hand Up for Women works to bring dignity, self-confidence, and hope to women who might otherwise remained trapped in addiction, abuse, poverty, and despair.

Women Empowered to Become Self-Sufficient

Women Empowered to Become Self-Sufficient works in Bartlett, Tennessee to empower women behind and beyond bars.


CWJC of Bell County

CWJC of Bell County, Texas, empowers women to reach their full potential and purpose through a Christ-centered job and life skills learning environment.

Cleburne Christian Women’s Job Corps

Cleburne Christian Women’s Job Corps, Cleburne, TX is a job readiness program devoted to affirming, inspiring, and supporting women.

Christian Women’s Job Corps of Rusk County

Christian Women’s Job Corps of Rusk County in Henderson, TX empowers women to provide for themselves and their families and moves women from the Christian community into the task of local support and missions.

Christian Job Corps of San Angelo, TX

Christian Job Corps of San Angelo is a free, all-volunteer program designed to equip women and men with skills for job placement, life management, and spiritual growth. Participants are encouraged to learn and grow in a supportive, faith-based environment.

South Africa

Project Dorcas

Project Dorcas CWJC provides training, hope, encouragement, and spiritual development to underprivileged women, helping them take control of their lives and become responsible for their families.

Learn More

There are nearly 200 registered and certified CWJC/CMJC sites across the nation. If you would like to host a benefit for a CWJC/CMJC site that is not currently registered, please encourage the administrator to register that site as a beneficiary in our system by filling out an online registration form.

Visit our CWJC/CMJC Benefits page to learn more about this exciting partnership!