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Help Us Minister to Vulnerable Children and Families

BCFM Benefits
Hosting a WorldCrafts benefit helps transform the lives of vulnerable children and their families.

The Baptist Coalition for Children and Families (BCCF) is a network of Baptist organizations united in serving vulnerable children and families around the world. In 2017, BCCF positively impacted more than 662,830 families.

BCCF’s Mission

In its 2017 Annual Report, BCCF states, “The care for the defenseless has been part of Baptist life since the Nation’s conscience turned to the orphan during the early to mid 1800s . . . Today, the services offered by Baptist children and family ministries are varied. Although many still provide residential care to children, there are also emphases on family care for mothers and their children, individual and family counseling, care for the frail aging, and even outreaches to children in other countries.”*

WorldCrafts joins BCCF in its passion for ministering to vulnerable children and families.

Benefits for Baptist Children and Family Ministries

We have developed a benefit program to partner with members of BCCF in serving at-risk children and families here in the U.S. and throughout the world. The benefit program will also lend support to WorldCrafts’ artisans, their families, and their communities.

You, your small group, or your church can join us by hosting a one-month online WorldCrafts benefit for your chosen Baptist children and family ministry. It is so easy. Just choose the Baptist children and family ministry you want to support and complete an online registration form. WorldCrafts will create a special webpage and promotion code for you, along with several promotion pieces.

Visit to learn more.

Registered Beneficiaries

Happy little girl
Check out our list of beneficiaries and pray about how you can help us care for vulnerable children.

The following members of the Baptist Coalition for Children and Families have registered to become beneficiaries through our benefit initiative:

Alabama Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services

Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries protects, nurtures, and restores children and families through Christ-centered services. They desire to bring hope and wholeness to children and families through knowing God.

Arizona Baptist Children’s Services and Family

Arizona Baptist Children’s Services & Family Ministries ministers to the physical, social, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of children, families, and individuals. Healthy families are the best place for children, so this ministry seeks to strengthen families, as well as address the needs of children, teens, and adults when families are broken.

Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries

When children and families are in crisis, Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries stands in the gap. Through residential child care, family care, foster care and counseling services, their ministry seeks to be the foremost provider to children and families in crisis in Arkansas.

Connie Maxwell Children’s Home

Connie Maxwell Children’s Home cares for children while developing and strengthening positive relationships in a Christian environment. Connie Maxwell accomplishes its purpose by offering hope and healing through child care, counseling, and family service programs.

Louisiana Baptist Children’s Homes and Family Services

Louisiana Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries provides love, care, and hope in Christ to children and families in need. Their major service areas include residential child care, residential foster care, transitional living, residential care for homeless children and mothers, job skills training, orphan care, international mission trips, and foster care and adoption ministries.

One More Child

One More Child provides Christ-centered services to children and families in need. Their vision is to bring hope to hurting children, to show that the offer of eternal hope changes lives, and to impact the life of One More Child. They provide safe stable homes and services to children and families in need throughout Florida and around the world.

Don’t see your local Baptist family and children’s ministry here? Encourage them to register to become a beneficiary. Any member of the Baptist Coalition of Children and Families can join the benefit initiative!

Other Ways You Can Help

WorldCrafts also encourages you to

  • Pray for the work of Baptist children and family ministires.
  • Financially support Baptist children and family ministries
  • Contact your local Baptist children and family ministries to learn how you can help with current ministries needs.