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Channapatna Handicrafts: Making an Impact in India

Channapatna Handicrafts artisans hand-carve each product using a special skillset.

WorldCrafts artisan partner Channapatna Handicrafts in India employs artisans skilled in lac-turney, a woodworking craft protected as a geographical indication under the World Trade Organization.

The Impact of Channapatna Handicrafts

The skill of lac-turney has been handed down in this region of India for many years. The craft began to dwindle in India due to lack of demand. The partnership Channapatna Handicrafts has had with WorldCrafts for the past few years has provided a revival of the craft.

Through our partnership, the artisans are able to reach a global market providing work and a living wage for the artisans. Everyone involved Channapatna Handicrafts’ lac-turney crafting have bettered their lives and now have hope for bright futures.

One artisan shared “Working with WorldCrafts has given me confidence and also recognition for my work. Other clients have approached me with orders after seeing the products we make.

Products from Channapatna Handicrafts Artisans

Your purchase supports these artisans and their families. Each piece is hand carved out of hale wood vegetable dyed by the artisans.

Channapatna Nativity Set—Small

The distinctive Channapatna Nativity Set—Small is sure to stand out in your collection.

Channapatna Nativity Ornament

The Channapatna Nativity Ornament will remind you of the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas on Wheels

Celebrate Christmas in a fun way with the Christmas on Wheels!


Thank you for loving our artisans and helping them develop the gifts our Father has given them!